Dragon Laffs #1610 Part 2


Okay, so I’m a dumb ass.

So many, many things I forgot yesterday.  First of all:Father's Day 1

father's day brew


Can’t believe I forgot that one.

To all you Dads out there, may your day be blessed with the love of your family. 

And I use the noun “Dad” on purpose.  Any man can be a father.  It’s a biological representation that the man actually has very little to do with after the first hour.  (I can hear all the women out there screaming, “HOUR!!!!  How the hell do you get it to last an HOUR!!!???!!!”  All I can say is….. Dragon.  If you aren’t getting what you need, then you need a dragon.)  {Okay, getting off topic here}  But a Dad is something special.  I know they can’t call it Dad’s Day, but they should have.  I’ve found, in my experience, that there is a big difference between a father and a dad.  Any father can be a Dad, but not all Dads are fathers.






Oh, I don’t know about epic fail.  The kid really looked like he had a nice flight.  He didn’t really stick the landing, it was a bit rough, but he was only a couple of feet in the air, how bad could it have been?  Looks like fun.


Just leave it to day to get the job done.



Dragon Pix



Yup, that’s me.  I’d do that.


Zombies and automatic weapons.  Sounds right to me.


Having been there, I understand.  You guys are the absolute best!

Okay, so Thursday was ….







the eighth anniversary of Leprechaun Laffs.  Happy anniversary brother!  And although I know we don’t hear from Lethal much lately, I also know that he’ll be back when he can be.

Thursday was also Flag Day!


And Saturday was Dragon Laff’s 12th Anniversary.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of birthdays and such that I’ve missed lately, and for that I apologize… You know it wasn’t on purpose.

Oh, and final thing before I go and drink a beer in the pool, that damn demon is still causing me trouble.  Woke up early this morning to the kitchen flooded.  Un-friggin’-believable.  Somehow in the night, the automatic ice machine in the freezer portion of the refrigerator started leaking.  There was water everywhere!  The basement was flooded because when the water leaks through the kitchen floor, it ends up in the basement.  Ruined everything in the freezer, not that there was that much, but still.  And of course there was no friggin’ shut off to just the ice machine.  So, I had to shut off the water to the whole house, go to Ace Hardware to get a shut off valve, then go back to Ace Hardware to get the correct valve and all told, it only took five hours to get the place close to back to rights…and I have no ICE for my beer!!!!!


Definitely an unusual Father’s Day. 

Cheers my friends!

My love and Dragon Blessings to you all.

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2 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1610 Part 2

  1. Ginny. says:

    Happy Farhwr’s Day my friend. Seems a BLACK CLOUD is still hanging over you….enough already…..the burden you bear is way TOO MUCH for anyone to carry. I would be eating my third dozen of Dunkin Donuts…..as the water built in the basement. Wish I could send you a bag of ice, a JERSEY pizza and Taylor ham for your breakfast tomorrow. Love you!

  2. Leah D says:

    Do you remember ‘way back in your past, creating all this bad Karma?

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