Dragon Laffs #1542

Dragon Laffs 2

Guess what tomorrow is….

Go ahead, guess.

If you are of the same professional ilk as the Leprechaun and myself, then you probably already know, but for the rest of you, tomorrow is:


Geek Pride Day is celebrated on May 25, 2017. The day is an initiative, which originated 2006 in Spain, to promote geek culture. It is celebrated annually. Some people think the events called Geek Pride Festivals or Geek Pride Day, which from 1998 to 2000 were organized by Tim McEachern, lead to today’s Geek Pride Day. But actually, Germán Martínez, a Spanish blogger, organized the first celebration in 2006, which from then on spread around the world.
May 25 was chosen as the date for Geek Pride Day, as to commemorate the release of theg1 first Star Wars film in 1977. All fans of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” can take the chance and celebrate both Geek Pride Day and Towel Day, which coincide. (And if we have to tell you what the towel reference means, then you really aren’t much of a Geek) In case you did not know: geek is a slang term, typically describing an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit. Often people are called geeks, who are kind of peculiar, are overly intellectual, unfashionable, or socially awkward.

(And from the GREAT website, thinkgeek.com) But if we had to choose a special day to share our geekiness with the world, we’d choose May 25, which is famous for:

  • Towel Day, the day two weeks after Douglas Adams passed in 2001, when hoopy froods keep their towel handy
  • The 40th anniversary of the first Star Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope, released on May 25, 1977
  • Glorious 25 May, the day in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld when wearing lilac and hard-boiled eggs (and raising awareness around Alzheimer’s research) is appropriate.

And so many, many more references….


and finally, a great quote:

And now, let’s move on…

Let's Laugh



I’m not sure how advanced it really needs to be.

Let’s talk about Social Security


So, there are even times, when Superheroes have bad days.


Dragon Pic


Lethal Leprechaun is such a great guy!  This is my private elevator, courtesy of Lethal.


Sometimes you have to hide in a hurry!




Ummm….I’d tell you what this is a picture of, but then a member of our security staff would be forced to track you down and erase your memory.  So, just enjoy it for the work of art that it is.


This is truly epic!

I hope each and every one of these kids remember exactly what they learned that day.


Top 13 Worst Slogan Translations Ever

13) When Parker Pen marketed a ball-point pen in Mexico, its ads were supposed to have read, “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you.” The company thought that the word “embarazar” (to impregnate) meant to embarrass, so the ad read: “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”

12) Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux used the following in an American campaign: “Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux.”

11) Clairol introduced the “Mist Stick,” a curling iron, into Germany only to find out that “mist” is slang for manure. Not too many people had use for the “Manure Stick.”

10) Coors put its slogan, “Turn It Loose,” into Spanish, where it was read as “Suffer From Diarrhea.”

9) Pepsi’s “Come Alive With the Pepsi Generation” translated into “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back From the Grave” in Chinese.

8) When Gerber started selling baby food in Africa, they used the same packaging as in the US, with the smiling baby on the label. Later they learned that in Africa, companies routinely put pictures on the labels of what’s inside, since many people can’t read.

7) Colgate introduced a toothpaste in France called Cue, the name of a notorious porno magazine.

6) Frank Perdue’s chicken slogan, “It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken,” was translated into Spanish as “it takes an aroused man to make a chicken affectionate.”

5) When American Airlines wanted to advertise its new leather first class seats in the Mexican market, it translated its “Fly In Leather” campaign literally, which meant “Fly Naked” (vuela en cuero) in Spanish.

4) An American T-shirt maker in Miami printed shirts for the Spanish market which promoted the Pope’s visit. Instead of “I saw the Pope”(el Papa), the shirts read “I Saw the Potato” (la papa).

3) The Dairy Association’s huge success with the campaign “Got Milk?” prompted them to expand advertising to Mexico. It was soon brought to their attention the Spanish translation read “Are You Lactating?”

2) General Motors had a very famous fiasco in trying to market the Nova car in Central and South America. “No va” in Spanish means, “It Doesn’t Go”.

1) The Coca-Cola name in China was first read as “Kekoukela” meaning “Bite the Wax Tadpole” or “Female Horse Stuffed with Wax”, depending on the dialect. Coke then researched 40,000 characters to find a phonetic equivalent “kokoukole”, translating into “Happiness in the Mouth.”




Dragon Sized.

A husband and wife are on the 9th green when suddenly she collapses from a heart attack! “Help me dear,” she groans to her husband. The husband calls 911 on his cell phone, talks for a few minutes, picks up his putter, and lines up his putt.

His wife raises her head off the green and stares at him. “I’m dying here and you’re putting?”

“Don’t worry dear,” says the husband calmly, “they found a doctor on the second hole and he’s coming to help you.

“Well, how long will it take for him to get here?” she asks feebly.

“No time at all,” says her husband. “Everybody’s already agreed to let him play through.”


A gushy reporter told Phil Mickelson, “You are spectacular; your name is synonymous with the game of golf. You really know your way around the course.  What’s your secret?” Mickelson replied, “The holes are numbered.”


Ain’t that the truth!!!!

Police are called to an apartment and find a woman holding a bloody 3-iron standing over a lifeless man. The detective asks, “Ma’am, is that your husband?” “Yes,” says the woman. “Did you hit him with that golf club?” “Yes, yes, I did.”  The woman begins to sob, drops the club, and puts her hands on her face. “How many times did you hit him?” “I don’t know — put me down for a five.”


No, I can’t say as I have…my brother the brewer…maybe.

A golfer teed up his ball on the first tee, took a mighty swing and hit his ball into a clump of trees.  He found his ball and saw an opening between 2 trees he thought he could hit through.  Taking out his 3-wood, he took a mighty swing.  The ball hit a tree, bounced back, hit him in the forehead and killed him. As he approached the gates of Heaven, St. Peter asked, “Are you a good golfer?” The man replied:  “Got here in two, didn’t I?

Those golf jokes were for you, Dad.  I hope you liked them.


I want time to sit and read, take a nap, and snack – Basically, I want to be in Kindergarten.



Naked Chicks

Narnia Portals


National Debt

National Pride


And with that, we’re calling it an issue!  I hope you all enjoyed it and until next time!


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6 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1542

  1. Ginny Wish says:

    Nice job Impish, great videos and was very impressed with your dragon size condom. You devil
    dragon….woo hoo.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      Amazing how you can make an ‘extra small’ look so huge when photographed from the right angle and with the right lens on a miniature diorama isn’t it?

      • Ginny Wish says:

        I guess…..but I still have the image of …..as President Trump always says “HUGE” Blue Condom fitting you! WOW ZER !!!!!!!!

      • impishdragon says:

        Yes Lethal, it is amazing what you can do with photoshop, like in that picture, how I shrunk it down so it would all fit in the picture. Always remember that items in the picture are actually larger than they appear.

      • Ginny says:

        You are too funny….love ya!

      • lethalleprechaun says:

        SO you admit trick mirrors trick photography and Photoshop we’re used in an attempt to cover up your ‘short comings’?

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