Final Reminder

Good Morning 2Good Morning!  Today is the last day of our yearly begging…or um…promotion for donations.  You guys have done a wonderful job, but I thought I’d give everyone one more bump just to make sure we haven’t missed someone who wanted to contribute but hasn’t gotten around to it.  This is it.  The last time you will hear from us about this until next year when the bills come due again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.  You are all deeply appreciated.

Lethal Leprechaun just told me to add that if we reach $300 he will go politics free AND no throwing dragons (that’s me!) under the bus until after November 1st!  So please, if nothing else, for MY sake, my poor back can’t handle being run over as often as it LOLhappens!  SAVE THE DRAGON!  Donate to Dragon Laffs!!!  Now he’s saying he even has his eye on a heavy duty, jet powered bus!  I’m scared!  Please help me!

Go to the website and click the link on the upper right hand side or click here:  or here


Thank you so much for helping us keep Leprechaun Laffs and Dragon Laffs free from ads!



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1 Response to Final Reminder

  1. lethalleprechaun says:


    Just WAIT until I add a few “special touches”!

    I’ve been meaning to add to my stable of Dragon Crushers for a long while now. Time to do some serious shopping!
    Here are a few I’m looking at picking up-

    Though not exactly graphically accurate I call this one “The Punisher”:

    Then there is this Polish model to make Impish feel at home as he slides under the wheels:

    I’d probably have to sneak thins one in the country but artistically it might be the best of the lot:

    A tried true & dependable bus:

    Here’s one for those days when Impish is feeling a little too nimble and needs to be grabbed and held down for the bus to run him over:

    Scale model from a firm making me a fully customized bus. Extended front end is required for the 12 cyl supercharged diesel power plant:

    A modern aerodynamic versions powered by twin jet turbines. Impish doesn’t go under this one her goes up & over than then is tossed around by the jet wash when he face plants into the pavement:

    A DEFINITE must have I think, especially for the upcomming holidays given the way Impish likes to “bulk up for the winter”

    Another top contender for my collection:

    I could invite 1/2 our readership to help run Impish ovr with this baby!:

    Oh! BTW? This baby is purportedly uses nuclear powered rocket motor and is capable of Hi-speed Train speeds!! &

    I can’t wait to hear Impish try to explain how he was run over by a giant retro VW Mini Bus!:

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