My Continued Thanks

My continued thanks to you all who have written such kind words of support for me and my family.  They are deeply appreciated.  I know at least one of you have donated to Izzy’s Go Fund Me page and THAT as well is deeply appreciated, but because I asked her not to involve me in that aspect of it, (since I am so overwhelmed with everything … EVERYTHING else), that’s all I know, but I’m sure that Dragon Laffs has done it’s normal exemplary job.  

So, the obituary is located here:

The lady at the funeral home said that it wasn’t the longest obituary she’s ever had on the website, but it’s definitely close.

My dear, sweet colonel, when I asked her about the car, said that there was more wrong with it than they original thought and we should probably get it back sometime next week.  That it was still a bit cheaper than buying a good used car.  

Well, fuck.

So, anyway, the only reason I was really writing to you guys today was to give you the obit and now you have it and now I have to get back to the other things I need to get done.  I’m trying really hard not to get more ranty than I already am.  Enjoy the obituary, it’s really good.  It’s mostly a collaboration between one of her sisters and myself.  We make a pretty good writing team.

Love and Happiness to you all.


Impish Dragon 



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1 Response to My Continued Thanks

  1. Stephanie says:

    Very nice. I hate we missed the chance to meet up a few years ago; I think we would have had fun. Its beautifully written.
    Prayers and much love.

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