Dragon Laffs #1377

Header84Spring, glorious Spring!
Hot sunshine and grasses.
While we’re in the thing,
cold beer in glasses.
Hot barbeque and dogs;
What next could we have?
Campers pull up some logs
Of course it’s Dragon Laffs!

Good Morning Campers!  Yes, it’s Spring!  It’s finally here!  The Vernal Equinox passed us by this week heralding the arrival of Spring in all it’s wonderfulness.  Let’s check in on our weather gatherers and see how the rest of the country is doing… (Oh, and by the way, we’re still looking for a few more weather reporters…)
EastBrother Wheats tells us that it’s 70°, partly cloudy with a low of 47 overnight.  That’s as much of a change as I get here.  Although it is a bit warmer in the day.  And he’ll definitely have better weather next week.  While I freeze, he’s going to be in the 50s and 60s.  Now that sounds like a nice place to live.  Plus I know he’ll take me sailing.  Woo Hoo!
SoutheastDad says it’s 84 and sunny with a 50% chance of rain.  What he doesn’t tell you is that in that part of Florida, there’s ALWAYS at LEAST a 50% chance of rain.  Thanks Dad!
SouthOur buddy Lethal Leprechaun gets 73° and sunny.  Sounds like a beautiful Day!!!  The low overnight is only going down a couple of degrees into the 60’s.  I don’t know folks, but I’m thinking Houston in the Spring sounds like THE place to be!
Northwest-here’s Tom:
Greetings to all from the Pacific Northwest Weather Guy:  Today (Friday) in the Willamette Valley the sun is out and we expect a nice, sunny weekend. Cool nights in the mid thirties and daytime highs in the mid sixties. Not bad at all for the start of Spring.

Things are about the same on the ocean beaches, only there will be some wind over there. Just right for flying your kite on a sandy beach.4c
The usual rain will return early in the week and continue until it quits. That could be Tuesday, or maybe sometime in July. We never know. It does rain a lot here and that keeps things green and healthy if you’re a plant or a tree.
Of course that could all change. I hear that the government might soon be in charge of the rainfall here in Oregon. Then, I’m sure there will be a shortage of rain and a severe drought will result. That could cause a surtax on certain oversized raindrops. Only a rumor. How ’bout a gas price update along with the weather report? I paid $3.79 today for regular. Maybe I’ll put off that drive over to the beach.

Centraland this one is mine.  (and I really like the idea of telling the price of gas) In Indiana yesterday we got all the way up to a beautiful 63°.  Sadly, a cold front has moved in and we won’t be out of the 30’s again until maybe Thursday!  Talk about crappy weather!!  Man, I’m moving!  Houston sounds nice!
Rumbling comes from down the hall.  Sounds like it’s coming from Lethal’s office!
Like Bloody Hell you’re moving to Houston!  It’s bad enough I have to work…
Impish stands up from behind desk, moves and closes his door…
Okay, so perhaps I’ll just stay here.

Moving on…

And yet another special holiday celebrated today… it’s Talk. Like. Captain. Kirk. Day. Incelebrationof…His. Birth—Day!
Yeah, that gets old REALLY quick.

I do believe it’s time for the good stuff!

Live, Love, Laugh

Lethal Leprechaun tells a story of an old Navy buddy of his.  The Marine Corps and the Navy have a long history of working together.  The Navy supply transportation to the Marines so they can storm the shores, et al and the Marines providing security on Naval Ships, things of that nature. So, it’s not surprising that our curmudgeonly old Leprechaun would have a dear old friend who is a curmudgeonly old Chief.  Lethal tells the story:
The old Chief finally retired from the Navy and got that chicken ranch he always wanted. He took with him his lifelong pet parrot.

First morning at 0430, the parrot squawked and said, “Off yer hocks and don yer socks. Reveille!!”
The old chief told the parrot, “We are no longer in the Navy. Go back to sleep.”
The next morning, the parrot did the same thing.
The old Chief told the parrot, “Look, if you keep this up, I will put you out in the chicken coop!”
Again the parrot did it, and, true to his word, the Chief put the parrot in the chicken pen.
The next morning… about 0630, the Chief was awakened by one hell of a ruckus in the chicken pen. He went out to see what was the matter.
The parrot had about forty white chickens in formation and on the ground lay three bruised and beaten brown ones! The parrot was saying, “By God, when I say ‘Fall out in dress whites,’ I don’t mean khakis!”

And speaking of our Lethal Leprechaun, every year, at St. Patrick’s Day, he is asked to help out in Chicago.  How you may ask?  By turning the river green!  Here, in this exclusive time-lapse video, you can see him in one of the little skiffs attached to his larger yacht, doing just that.

This next one is just bloody amazing!  I’m not a fan of the Oscars, nor of the particular actors depicted, but the artistry involved with this picture is truly amazing!

Kim Komando has this to say about this video: Turns out you don’t even need a camera phone to create the most viewed selfie of all time. The world’s most famous tweet is now the world’s most famous colored-pencil sketch of a famous tweet. You will not believe how realistic this drawing is – and it was all done with regular colored pencils.


Turns out that Mrs. Dragon is “The Caller” (even though I make most of the phone calls in the house), and I’m “The Emailer”.


Dragon Pic Green

DragonPapa1 (249)

I’m starting a new section or feature or whatever the heck you want to call it…

Okay, so I’m still working on the title…but here it goes.  I won’t give you any lead in, the video tells the whole story:


I just received an audit on my tax return for 2012 back from the IRS. It puzzles me!!!
They are questioning how many dependents I claimed.
I guess it was because of my response to the question: “List all dependents?”
I replied: 12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crack heads;
42 million unemployed people on food stamps,
2 million people in over 243 prisons;
Half of Mexico ; and 535 persons in the U.S. House and Senate.”
1 useless President.
Evidently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.



Okay, so this is cool.  What happens when you wring out a sopping wet washcloth in zero gravity?  Probably not what you think…


You gotta give him points for obnoxiousness. 






Damn!  Someone should’ve of thought of contacting a medium and see if they contact him on the other side!

Okay, so it’s time for a little bible humor.  Listed in Snopes as a legend, it still makes a really funny joke:
A young and nervous bride planning her wedding was increasingly terrified about her upcoming marriage. To calm her nerves, she decided to have a Bible verse which had always brought her comfort (1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love; for perfect love casts out fear”) engraved on her wedding cake. So she called the caterer and all arrangements were made.
About a week before the wedding, she received a call from the catering company. “Is this really the verse you want on your cake?” they asked. Yes, she confirmed, it was the one she wanted, and after a few more questions they said they would decorate the cake as requested.
The wedding day came, and everything was beautiful … until the reception, when the bride walked in to find the cake emblazoned with John 4:18: “For you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband.”
Read more at http://www.snopes.com/weddings/embarrass/biblecake.asp#4WhKfL9ZEVWyxjDg.99

So, you think your job is acronym heavy?  Look, I work for the United States Government by way of the Department of Defense and the United States Air Force.  I eat acronyms for lunch!  and yet, I couldn’t finish this quiz.  Try your best…and there will be a link for the answers afterward.


You can find the answers here.  Special thanks to WPromote, the originators of the graphic and Make Use Of for publishing it the first time.




my jokes



This amazes me.  You can follow the flow of technology by the price of memory.  It’s amazing.



They only

Moving right along, Bus animation

No, that’s not Lethal’s famous bus…just a cute animation that I found in one of my folders.  I’ve got LOTS of them!

Today my wife said. “Honey, fix that gutter downspout!”
Well, as you all know, I’m retired, so I invited some of my buddies over.

One brought his welder.

Took us about 4 hours, and 30 beers, but we got the downspout fixed and my welder buddy gave it an artistic flair.

Wife is speechless…

I can’t wait for it to rain again.





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  1. Henry says:

    What an great Putin VS Barry. Good job finding it.

    • lethalleprechaun says:

      On Impish’s behalf Henry, thanks.

      We really put our heart and soul into our respective issues doing our best to make the informative and
      thought provoking but with a humorous coating so it thinking doesn’t give anyone a headache and being informed doesn’t cause indigestion
      or leave any bad after taste.

      We can’t take all the credit however (LOL just the Lion share & all of the curtain calls) as we have a whole pile of loyal readers sending us stuff
      in addition to what we already receive from other sources and from our own searching to bring you nothing but the best.

      So thanks for commenting and thanks for the kudos on behalf of both of us

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