Dragon Laffs #1331

Memorial Day
Good morning campers!  Did you know that this is a holiday weekend?  Woo! Hoo! Party!  Can anyone tell me what holiday it is?  Yes, you in the back…
Memorial Day?
Oh…well…yes, yes, I suppose it is Memorial Day weekend, I’d forgotten that for the moment.  Yes, that is correct, it is Memorial Day weekend, can anyone think of any other holiday that occurs this weekend?  Okay, you with the tie…
By the way, you do realize this is camping, right?  People don’t normally wear ties at the campground.
The Indy 500?  I see, that explains your tie with the black and white checkerboard pattern.  Racing, ah yes.  But no, no, no!  That is not the holiday I was thinking of, either.  Sheesh!  How many special days are there this weekend?
Yes, you with the … um…. just what the hell is that you’re wearing?
A Tiara?  Really?  Yes, sir, you look quite fetching with your Tiara.  Oh really?  National Tiara Day yesterday? Oh, I’m sorry INTERnational Tiara day was yesterday.  And I’ll bet you liked it so much that you just had to keep it on.
Anyone else? Let’s limit it to just today, shall we.  Call it a hint.  What very special holiday, for a lot of us here today, is it…today…Yes?
I’m not sure that Cookie Monster’s Birthday is that important to…yes ma’am.  I’m sorry your child is crying ma’am.  No, I don’t think Cookie Monster is silly. No I…yes ma’am.  Ma’am…MA’AM…Would you pipe down for a bloody second!!! First of all, that child shouldn’t even be here, you did sign the rules agreement that states that you must be at least 18 to visit this campground, right?  He’s not a child?  No ma’am, I am truly sorry that your husband looks so young and is that enamored of Cookie Monster.  I’ll try, yes ma’am.
(You’ve really got to be kidding me!!!)
Okay, anyone else, with a legitimate answer?
Nope.  I wasn’t talking about National Tap Dance Day, Towel Day (gonna have to check that one out, it’s got me curious), International Jazz Day (K², did you know that?  K²?  Hmm, must be off celebrating International Jazz Day) nor is it Julia Pierpont Day or Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.
Yes, I know ALL of those occur on May 25th this year.  Or at least I do now. Okay, one more hint, after further research, it seems that the holiday of which I speak is closely related to towel day (a celebration of The World of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe which extolls the benefits of always carrying a towel) and the Glorious 25th of May from
Terry Pratchett’s Disk World
Any other guesses?
Well, then, here we go!
Today is…………
Drum Roll Please!
rimshot  Okay, well, I guess a rimshot will do…
Today is……………..


Ta Da!
Geek Pride Day is an initiative to promote geek culture, celebrated annually on 25 May.  the date was chosen as to commemorate the release of the first Star Wars film, A New Hope on 25 May 1977 but shares the same date as two other similar fan “holidays” as we mentioned previously.  The initative originated in Spain in 2006 as “Dia del Orgullo Friki” and spread around the world via the internet.

So, for that reason, we will be concentrating on this special holiday, as well as the much more important and special Memorial Day.  And yet, we are going to balance it all out with laughter.  Because we ALL KNOW that the best way to battle the bullshit around us is to laugh at it.  (and then empty the entire magazine at the S.O.B.s!)




Fantasy Pic

How about a couple of Geek/Nerd Fantasy Pictures?






The perfect illustration to figure out if you are a geek, nerd,or dork.

geek bully



May 25 is “Geek Pride Day,” according to some folks on the Internet. The holiday was established in 2006 and is still going strong.

Geek Pride Day (Spanish: Día del orgullo friki ) is an initiative to promote geek culture, celebrated annually on 25 May. The date was chosen as to commemorate the release of the first Star Wars film, A New Hope on 25 May 1977 (see Star Wars Day), but shares the same date as two other similar fan “holidays”: Towel Day, for fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy by Douglas Adams, and the Glorious 25th of May for fans of Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld.

In 2008, Geek Pride Day was officially celebrated in the U.S., where it was heralded by numerous bloggers, coalescing around the launch of the Geek Pride Day website. Math author, Euler Book Prize winner, and geek blogger John Derbyshire not only did a shout out, but announced that he would be appearing in the Fifth Avenue parade, dressed as number 57, on the prime number float – prompting some bloggers to say they’d be looking for him.GeekChartFullScrn--article_image

By 2009, acknowledgment of the day had reached the Science Channel, with special programming on 25 May to celebrate and events took place to commemorate the day in Ottawa, home to the Canada Science and Technology Museum and a notable research center in Canada,[ while in 2010 the festival spread further, taking in cities as diverse as Halifax, Nova Scotia; Budapest, Hungary; Tel Aviv, Israel; Timişoara, Romania and San Diego, California.

Geeks have come a long way since “The Revenge of the Nerds” movies. IT staffing firm Modis’ recent geek perception survey found that geeks are cooler than they were last year, with 54 percent of respondents rating geeks to be extremely intelligent (up from 45 percent last year). geek-getty

Looking through the results it seems that Geeks are becoming even more acceptable than last year, with 54% of respondents rating Geeks as “extremely intelligent” (up from 45% last year). 71% reckon we’re the people to go for technology advice (up from 56%), and more than half of Americans (51%) define Geeks as professionally successful – a huge leap from the 31% in last year’s survey. Around two-thirds of respondents defined a “Geek” as someone who is addicted to technology and who spends more time online than offline, yet when given a list of items and asked which they would have trouble living without, 71% of the “Geeks” put a pen and paper above technology and gadgets such as a computer (58%), smartphone (41%), or MP3 player (25 %). The non-geeks listed their cars as the thing they couldn’t live without! It’s all about priorities.

One result I find surprising is that 60% of “Geeks” would find it more stressful to lose the data from their hard drives than to go through a relationship breakup. All I can say to that is that the pool of respondents couldn’t have contained too many GeekDads and GeekMoms because; a) we would definitely miss our other halves more than a bit of data, and b) we’d have all that data backed up securely. In several different locations.



Five Reasons to be Proud on Geek Pride Day!!

1. We are Passionate:

Geeks are a diverse bunch with one common quality, passion. We feel passionate about things the average person just doesn’t get. Even though I like comic books I am not a comic book geek, but show me a circuit or the inside of a machine and my heart beats as fast as any comic book geek’s on a Wednesday.


2. We’re Smart:

Geeks know things. Lots of things. Not just the things that you take tests on but things like the combination to Kirk’s Safe, the name of Chewbacca’s home planet and many other amazing factoids gathered through our geeky explorations. Just don’t hit us with sports trivia. We might not do so well there.


3. We Make Stuff:

Thomas Edison, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds and these are just a few of the geeks who make the high tech world we have today possible. Computers, Video Games, and space travel, geeks have left their mark on the world and in outer space with their tireless pursuit to solve problems.


4. We have a Rich Culture:

We have our own fashion, Geek Chic. Our own music, NerdCore. Multiple cons and gatherings for every interest. The myth of the anti-social geek is just that, a myth. We get together and socialize all over the world to celebrate our geekiness.


5. We Have A Long History

Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin were all geeks. We have been around since the dawn of time. Geeking out over wheels, circles, science, architecture … you name it. We are part of the history of the world and we are making the future possible.

So get out there today and celebrate your passion ! Whether it’s RPG’s, Star Wars or Steampunk be proud of your Geekiness. Oh and don’t forget to bring a towel because as any Douglas Adams Geek knows today is also Towel Day.









nerd girls



40949It’s a difficult thing to wish you a happy Memorial Day.  Memorial Day or Remembrance Day as it is also known, is a day to remember those who have fallen in defense of our freedom, protecting our loved ones, and saving our lives.  Allow me to quote my partner and friend, Lethal Leprechaun: Regardless of what event you chose to participate in this weekend or how you chose to participate, all the ongoing festivities that seem to be crowded into this weekend have one thing in common. Our fallen heroes earned you the freedom to do so and continue to pay for that freedom each and everyday with their lives. So, to wish a happy Memorial Day, doesn’t always feel right. 

It’s not National BBQ Day…

Or the Indy 500, or even Geek and Nerd Pride Day as we joked earlier.  For so many people, it’s a time that reminds them of lost loved ones or perhaps worry over loved ones who are currently deployed, patrolling our own streets as our police department or perhaps fighting fires.  Throwing around the word happy at that point, somehow doesn’t seem quite right…

But perhaps it is…

Perhaps, through our spirit of patriotism and our love of freedom we should celebrate the enduring essence of our heart and soul and be happy for who and what we are.  Perhaps,memorial-day-poppy fun, laughter and parties extols the true substance of the American Spirit. And maybe, those who’ve passed before us in the service of our country, the soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, fireman, LEOs, and many others, would rather we celebrate their lives and their sacrifices with parties and smiles, laughter and good times.  Maybe, they’d rather us laugh and be happy with the good memories we share of them, then being sad for their loss. 

They died in our defense, protecting us from whatever evil or danger there might have been.  But let us celebrate their lives and their deeds and be happy that they did the task that was required of them; that they had the bravery, strength and integrity to toil in the valley of the shadow of death.

Let me close with how I normally close the classes I teach to the military men and women. 

I wish to thank, each and everyone of you for the service you’ve committed to and done for our country.  Thank you for the sacrifices you make every day, and your willingness to put yourself on the line to protect me and my family from the evilness that seems to be encroaching more and more into our lives.

And to those who’ve given the ultimate, paid the ultimate price, let us bow our heads and say thank you before we go out and celebrate the life, spirit and love they had while they lived.

May each and everyone of you have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  May you each celebrate your freedom in your own way.


And lest we forget….50I’m sorry…. I just had to…

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2 Responses to Dragon Laffs #1331

  1. madonna says:

    Thanks for a marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you
    happen to be a great author.I will bookmark your blog and come back from now on.

    I want to encourage that you continue your great job, have a nice morning!

  2. lethalleprechaun says:

    I would point out we’re onyl going to inherit what we do not already outright own (we geeks make up the bulk of the richest people in the world) of course that’s not saying much considering what we’re doing to the planet!
    Even our own Science Fiction Apocalyptic/Dooms Day scenarios show us inheriting a modern wasteland filled with nothing but zombies. Now as cool as a legal to show target rich environment might be, a Geek cannot live by zombie slaughter alone, We used to be able to count on the fact that there would be Twinkies for all, for at least a year, until we worked something else out. Alas even that pleasure is now denied us in the mess we shall inherit.

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