image_thumb22Hi Campers!  It’s me!  I’m here to give you a fast update and let you know what’s going on.  I had my surgery on Monday.  Late.  Sometime between the time they started getting me prepped and the time my surgery was scheduled for, there was a person (a lady, I think) who had a bad accident and had to go in for emergency surgery.  All hands on deck sort of thing.  Well, to make a long story short, instead of starting at 1230 it was almost 1600 hrs (4 pm for you non-24-hour clock types).  By the time I got up to my room and settled in, it was about 8 pm and I pretty much was down for the count. 

I tried to sleep, but ended up being awake ALL NIGHT LONG and absolutely miserable.  Thank God I had my music and my earphones with me or I don’t think I would’ve stayed sane…even with the C-Block (like a spinal block but for only my right leg) the pain was still unbearable.  They gave me a morphine pump that I could push every ten minutes…it wasn’t doing anything!  Some of you know the arthritic pain I suffer from continuously, so when I say that the pain was bad, trust me… it was bad.  So, having some knowledge on the subject, I asked the nurse, “So this pump every ten minutes, what is it, like a lousy 5 mg of morphine?”

And she laughed at me!


“No honey,” she said.  “It’s one mg every ten minutes.”

So then I laughed at her, gave her back her little button and told her (after telling her how much pain medicine I had been on BEFORE I had to give it all up ten days PRIOR to surgery) “go ahead and take your button back, it’s not worth the effort to push it for that small amount.”

LOL, true story.

Anyway, it’s a good thing I’m good with pain.

Any woman will tell you that the worst possible pain in the world is child-birth.
Any man will tell you that the worst possible pain in the world is a kidney stone.
I had a 90 lb woman, giving birth to a 20 lb baby, both of them with a kidney stone the size of a golf ball, taking place inside my knee.

Anyway….The doctor came in and saw me on Tuesday morning, told me what a good job I had done, the surgery went wonderfully, so good in fact that, so long as I got cleared by the Physical Therapy ladies, I could go home that afternoon!  Just like I was promised with a partial knee replacement.   They clamped my C–Block about 4 a.m., told me it would take several hours for the C-Block to wear off, so when I saw the doctor at 730 am, I was still numb.  Still hurt like hell, but numb. 

Physical Therapy came in at 915 and got me up and walking.  The problem was that my knee still couldn’t feel.  I could get up and walk, but my knee was wobbly.  It couldn’t feel any pressure of walking, so couldn’t tighten up to keep me balanced.  So they said they would come back at 1115 and we’d try again.

Well, again, to make a long story short, I got vetoed by PT on Tuesday and didn’t end up going home until Wednesday afternoon.  That was a lot more stressful and painful then I figured it would be, but I did get home.

Today, I’ve spent most of the day resting up (catching up on the sleep I DIDN’T get at the hospital) doing my exercises, setting up appointments, assuring my family that I was all right, and although I’ve tried all day to get you campers an update, 6 o’clock at night is the best I could do.  LOL.

Ah, the life of a dragon…

I’m very glad and very thankful that our dear friend and fellow camper Lethal Leprechaun has kept you informed as to how I was doing.  Loved the after picture of me after surgery.  But yes, I have had a hair cut and I look more like myself again.

As far as Saturday’s issue goes, I don’t believe I will have time for a full issue (I start Physical Therapy tomorrow and have the first of many doctor’s appointments). But I will try to get some funnies out this weekend and I’m sure as next week goes on I’ll have more time to give you updates, since I will be feeling better and better and sitting on my butt a lot.

Thank you for all your prayers, your caring, well wishes, kind words, offers of help and all the other nice things you guys have put out for me.  Huge thanks to my very good friend, pal, buddy and partner in crime Lethal Leprechaun for all he’s done for me (and continues to do for me) through these trials and travails that have been my life.  A better friend a man could never ask for.

Below my closing will be a couple of pictures of my knee after the surgery, for those of you with strong stomachs and only if you’re interested.

Cheers my friends!

I remain YOUR Impish Dragon!

20130114 Monday - First dressing change after surgery

Monday, first dressing change…first picture taken.  My surgeon actually took this one for me.  What a great guy!

20130115 Tuesday


20130116 Wednesday

Wednesday, worst swelling so far!

20130117 Thursday -

Earlier today, while changing the anti-blot clot forming hose.  Yes, I’m wearing these really cute white hose on both legs!  Burt Reynolds and Joe Namath look out!  Impish Dragon in hose.  Maybe if I can get inebriated enough, I’ll put a picture of THAT up here!  LOL.  Cheers my friends!

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8 Responses to Update

  1. Chuck Gill says:

    Dude…glad you’re doing better. We can however, do without the pics of you in your pantyhose. It’s bad enough you put the image in our minds eye in the first place. Get well soon bud.

  2. gailwynds331 says:

    Ewwwww, Impish I feel the pain just looking at those pictures. I’m glad it’s over and glad too that you’re doing well. PS Remind me never to have knee surgery. Gail

  3. Danny Manger says:

    Sorry to hear you had such a difficult time but I am glad you are doing better now. Laffs can wait. What is important is your recovery. I wish you a speedy one.

  4. david wydock says:

    Very Goth looking!!!!

    On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 7:05 PM, Dragon Laffs

  5. Paul Bader says:

    Glad it all went ok and your doing better

  6. They “stitched” you up really well, Mr. Dragon! God Bless. My prayers are with you and get well soon! -Gracie

  7. Diaman MacKedsy says:

    Looks great…you go, my baby dragon…you’ll soon be as good as new! More prayers coming your way…Diaman

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