From the Desk of Lethal Leprechaun – The Search For Impish – A News Bulletin


LL here with an update folks.

Sorry it’s taken nearly 24 hours but I’ve been a bit busy as you can imagine. I can report progress on locating our very own dimwitted “Dragon of the Year”.  While I am unable to release details I can say we have hired some expert help to assist me and are pursuing all leads and angles with some limited success at this point.

At this time we’re fairly certain we know all the answers who and how, but not so far the where and why. It appears that while the town fathers might have been responsible for Impish’s pathetically easy capture and drugging, they were simply “hired help” and received a generous donation to their “Year of the Dragon Parade” fund which covered the costs 5 times over. Then in a feat of greed worthy of me they hit Impish up for 1/2 their already inflated costs for his parade and he paid them! I cant help but admire these corrupt town officials on a strictly professional level.

As I have said, the where and why part so far is eluding us. These questions are made more difficult by the fact that we are apparently dealing with 3 different groups, one that took him, the ones that paid to have him taken and took immediate possession of him, who along with Impish have now also disappeared and apparently not of their own contrivance along with Impish their presumed captive. Even worse evidence points to them having been removed for this dimension and possibly move the the Fairies’ Realms.

At this time I’d like to ask you all for your help in distributing this (sniff…sniff) Missing Dragon flyer:

Impish Missing Poster

PLEASE paper all the public areas you can with them so we can get (snob) my dear friend and cross in life Impish home.

I will update you all further on the situation as developments warrant.

At this time I’d like to devote a quick minute to answering some concerned reader questions posted in the comments of the blog.

paul says:

January 19, 2012 at 15:13

Hang on to your seats folks.
will LL find Impish?? …I’ll consider it but I got to tell you his life insurance both personal and corporate are looking pretty good at the moment as is the peace & quiet. Actually if nothing else I’ll find him just to keep tabs on his dumb butt and be sure nothing REALLY bad happens to him. He can be annoying and gets into more trouble than a 3 yr old but he IS my client, my business partner and more importantly my friend.

will LL get there in time to rescue Impish from the bugs?? ..not a shot. He’s playing with them waiting for them to organize in a mass so he can toast them for a snack. Impish is NOT one to miss an opportunity for caloric intake in any form and is a big fan of Andrew Zimmern and his show “Bizarre Foods” often trying to (nauseatingly) out do him. This much to the consternation of Andrew and his staff

will LL be able to get him out of the cavern?? … the question is more like: will Lethal BUY the cavern with Impish in it and keep him there to protect him from himself and all these stupid (mis) adventures of his.

and most important

will Impish post the Saturday issue?? …I can say positively there WILL be a Saturday issue, it WILL be Impish’s styling and material as we located a mostly completed issue he had for this week. I can’t say it will be Impish that pushes the “publish” button however. I can also say our priority is business as usual and do not anticipate any interruption in our posting schedule do to this unfortunate unforeseen (at least by Impish) incident.


Chuck says:

January 19, 2012 at 15:03

Dude, you are way too funny! When all of the bugs finish their banding, you should snag em up and have yourself a snack. I know you must be famished!!!!!

Don’t worry Chuck, that was his plan all along I’m sure he was just acting scared to lure them in with a false sense of security. As to his being famished, his latest physical showed him about 400# overweight for an overweight dragon, so he has about a solid week before his lack of a decent meal becomes a serious issue and his own tail starts looking good to him.


A very harried & worried

DL - Lethal Lep Sig

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