DL/LL Digital Media Thanksgiving 2015 Special Edition


The scents of Thanksgiving waft though the air making your mouths water and belly’s rumble and you head for the Conference Room. In a move from the usual you see a single Kraft table laid out today for everyone with coffee and all sort of hot fresh pastries though the seating for the Patrons still remains segregated.

Lethal adorned in a chef apron reading ‘Get Something Cooking…Sleep With the Chef!’ breezes in from someplace off stage bringing with him a new batch of mouth watering odors as he wipes his hands on the towel at his waist. He pauses only long enough to receive a mug of hot coffee from Diaman with a grateful nod of thanks, slurping it heavily as he makes his way back to the podium.

If we could get started please, I’ve a very busy day and you have a very full issue.

Thank you and good morning.

First let me say for any of you who do not know it that you are all invited to our annual DL-LL Digital Media Enterprises Corporate Thanksgiving Feast taking place tomorrow at 1 PM sharp. Those of you Patrons who which can partake of a cocktail and canapé hour from 12 to 1 prior to the feast. All the festivities will be held in our recently completed recreational facility’s main banquet hall and reception area. For those of you who wish to arrive early we will be accommodating guests with rooms and limited services starting at 6 PM tonight. A breakfast buffet will be available promptly at 8 AM and the majority of the Big screens in our many media rooms will be tuned into one of the many channels showing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade beginning at 9 AM.

After dinner those same rooms will be screening various new releases and several of the Bars and Pubs will have several different games tuned in for your viewing pleasure.

Check out will be Friday by noon CST latest or you will be detained and pressed into cleaning service as is our usual custom. Patrons your check out as always is by 3 PM.

Included in todays issues in a recounting of Impish’s Annual Attempt to gain entry for his snout and stomach to the Corporate kitchen where I have been hard at work for the express purpose of kibitzing and ’taste testing’ half the feast before it ever hits the table. It ran so long I was forced to  break it into three parts rather than the normal two parts. If anyone has a problem with this I suggest they speak to Impish about either having less adventures or having ones that are significantly less entertaining so that I might gloss over a goodly portion of them when you see him tomorrow. Sadly he is not available today as I understand he’s presently involved in a very important pre-feast napping ritual or some other twaddle.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a million things to oversee and as I said you have a very full issue. So until I see you all tomorrow-







DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Atticus O’Sullivan &  Granuaile MacTiernan, nor Oberon & Orlaith ( and what characters those last two are!). They are the property of author Kevin Hearne and all found in his Iron Druid series. They are used strictly in a fan fiction sense.

Impish sat quietly on his office terrace puffing a smoky treat and contemplating his  half full cup of coffee. He was growing concerned. No he reflected, he was past concerned he was down right worried. Thanksgiving as far as he could tell wasn’t happening at DL-LL Digital Media Enterprises and that was a serious worry for him.

Didn’t Lethal understand that this was his big holiday? Molly and Mrs. Dragon had Christmas. He, Lethal and Molly did Halloween in a big way. Lethal of course kept St Patrick’s Day like it was religion (he knew that in Lethal’s eyes it was a religious holiday). Thanksgiving was his holiday however. What could possibly be better than presents you got to eat was the way he looked at it. Besides it was a day where gluttony was indulged, hell even expected!

Every November since Lethal had come on board as Chief of Operations it had become game of moves and countermoves with determining what the menu was for Thanksgiving as well as getting to have any input over it.  Lethal claimed he was obsessed with it like a kid with Christmas. He like to call it Feasting Focused.

So far every year he’d come up on the losing end of the friendly battle of wits. Each year he tried stepping up his game and learning from the previous year. Each year Lethal brought an entirely new level of checks and countermoves.

So far this year Lethal had absolutely refused to indulge in even the briefest discussion
regarding Thanksgiving much less provide him a planned menu. In fact after the fifth or sixth time Impish thought he had creatively worked the subject into their conversation Lethal seemed to snap and went off on him.



I can’t believe he got so annoyed with me that he threatened to serve me and me alone “Turkey Roll and Tofu shaped into simulated Turkeys with Savory Bulgur and Vegetable Stuffing.” I tried calling his bluff and he produced a series of photos for the Thanksgiving issue showing a very convincing turkey cake telling me it would be no harder to do than the cake was.. Then he showed me Whole Foods or some yuppie place Thanksgiving menu with a bunch of other terrible things to accompany the faux turkey. I’m not even sure what some of that is since its apparently not any thing that a self respecting dragon eats. However I’m positive that if it all goes with Tofu it can’t be edible. I was forced to back off trying to help yet again just in order to protect my Thanksgiving Dinner that I might not even be getting! How unfair is that! Impish fumed.


Fortunately he thought he had a few reversers and monkey wrenches to throw into Lethal’s plans this year. He’d been secretly reading all those Agent  44-DD Field Craft and Tech manuals every night at bed time for  several months now looking for things that might give him an edge. To his surprise, he’d actually learned and remembered quite a bit. He never thought he had the next morning thinking back on what he’d read the night before, but whenever he needed a relevant bit of information it was right there in a little voice in the back of his head sounding just like the manual the information came from. The real suprise however was his most closely held secret, one that he’d not let on to anyone. He had an ally this year someone with a turkey fixation almost matching his.

He remembered the shock he’d felt when he tracked down the culprit that was filching one of his bakers dozen of Subway Double Meat Turkey Bacon and Cheese subs. He’d never expected him of being a turkey devotee much less being able to eat that much turkey and bacon in a single sitting. Brutus apparently had two hollow rear legs when it came to the prized holiday poultry. Once discovered, a deal was suitably struck for the divvying of any and all bounty gained and he had his ally in Turkey Thievery. Not that to this point it had prove to produce any results. True Brutus was basically invisible when it came to skulking and snooping around the kitchens but he was also easily bought off and distracted from his missions. A bit of cat nap, the fleeting tail of a mouse or the sniff of fresh fish and his mission lost its priority..

Still there was his last Ace up his wing. Wandering about late one night while attempting to sniff out any hint of Thanksgiving and having no success, Impish ahd reflected  that in times past he’s adjourn to his nearest pie vault and console himself with several seasonal pies. after having this thought it occurred to him he was a mere half corridor away from one of his former pie vaults all of which Lethal had commandeered saying he had no further use for them and leaving them in his possession would invite backsliding. He wondered what it was being used for now, possibly the storage of Thanksgiving related food stuffs? There were hermetically sealed to prevent anyone for smelling out the location of one after all which would make them the perfect storage space for things they didn’t want him finding.

To his surprise the scent that struck his nose when he opened it wasn’t of food stuffs but of manufactured goods and machinery. All the crates cases and boxes bore the logo
of D.R.A.GO.N. on them. apparently lethal was using at least a few of the old pie vaults to cache some of the supplies devices and materials of D.R.A.GO.N. while it was in hiding and Impish had no doubt he was making a profit at it besides. As he turned to leave the vault a clipboard hanging from a nail beside the door caught his eye. A manifest of goods stored in the room? Might be worth a look see. As Impish checked the list that voice started talking in its monotone text book voice in the back of his head and a plan began to form on how this year Impish would finally breach the kitchens and get his pre Thanksgiving taste inspect he’d been denied for many years.

Suddenly Impish’s rumination was  interrupted with the arrival of an excited four pound furry missile in his lap purring very loudly and looking quite excitedly up at Impish.

“You able to make the deal?” Brutus very deliberately nods his head. “The accept my terms?” Brutus  shook his ears. Impish sighed. “What did they want?” Brutus pawed twice at Impish’s chest. ” Please tell me that means one each not two each?” Again Brutus very deliberately nods his head. “Ok a little tough but still doable. So then everything is ready right?” Brutus stares at Impish a moment with his head cocked to the side as if considering this question before responding with an emphatic ‘MAOW!’ then  jumps up on to Impish’s shoulder, turns around, settles down then reaches out to take a whack at the cigar in Impish’s mouth.

Chuckling Impish carefully puts out the cigar before getting up to walk into his office, firmly closing and locking the doors behind him. He places Brutus on the corner of his desk while he busies himself loading a bunch of things into the pockets of his vest from a locked trunk in to corner of the room, including what appears to be a very large bore pistol. He returns to the desk opens a large pocket front and center on it and looking at Brutus softly calls out “All aboard that’s coming aboard!”

Brutus immediately leaps up and dives into the pouch, turns around and assumes a head and paws out posture. Impish smiles as he leans to push a button on his phone.
‘Terrance? Hold my calls and no interruptions please for about 3 hours. Damned cat’s purring has made me want a nap.” Impish releases the button without waiting for a response, presses another button then nods as the snick of the electronic deadbolts engages can be faintly heard. “Now my little furry pal let’s go find us the location of Thanksgiving dinner and pull a surprise taste inspection.”



God Bless Guys!




Look closer, this is no Turkey

Right now you’re looking at a beautiful cake. That’s right, this succulent looking roasted turkey was made from scratch by cake artist Yolanda Gampp. As to why Yolanda created this masterpiece, according to her, “I wanted to make a turkey cake that was realistic enough that you would be really expecting it to taste like meat. My not-so-secret passion is making faux food cakes (cake that looks like other food).”

Here you are looking at the finished project. But let’s take it back to the beginning…


Stack layers of vanilla cake put sideways. Carve it into a turkey shape. Don’t forget the wings.


Perfect turkey form.


Drape with colored fondant icing.


Press with shelf liners (seriously) to get that turkey skin texture. Pro tip.


Paint on that roasted skin color look using ivory & copper and then later “Buckeye-Brown” food coloring gel.


Dust sporadically with cocoa powder. Especially the parts that get crispy in the oven


No turkey is complete without stuffing – poundcake stuffing!


Carve and serve!


Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video

A little something to keep Impish occupied and out of the kitchens for an hour… I hope.


Celtic Consumer Warnings

What you should know about Wal-Mart’s $10 smartphone deal

By Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post

Wal-Mart is making headlines this week for selling a pair of Android smartphones for $10 a pop; a low price any way you slice it. The LG Lucky and LG Sunrise phones are both in the bargain bin — as Ars Technica noted, they are essentially the same phone, apart from the types of cellular networks with which they cooperate.

They have a list price of $60 on Amazon, so this is a pretty deep discount. Both are prepaid models from Tracfone, so you’ll have to pay for service. As PC Magazine notes, Tracfone has a fairly strict unlocking policy, so consumers should also know that these phones will be tied to that network for at least a year.

As for the phones themselves, consumers should manage their expectations with prices this low. Sure, you are getting a smartphone for less than the cost of a loaded Chipotle burrito; that’s kind of amazing in and of itself, even with strings attached. But don’t expect premium features.

According to Wal-Mart’s Web site, the phones have a 3.8-inch touchscreen and are capable of connecting to WiFi and 3G networks — but not 4G. They’re also behind by a few versions of Android, running KitKat instead of the latest version, Marshmallow. (Android releases are named alphabetically.) Users can, however, add their own microSD card to augment the 4 GB of included storage on the phones. There’s no front-facing camera, so selfies will take some acrobatics. (Or a mirror.)

Basically, these won’t be anyone’s idea of a dream gadget. But they are suited to someone looking for a phone that’s very cheap and very basic. If you’re a tinkerer, perhaps, or just someone looking for a low-fuss phone, it may be at least worth checking it out.



No, it’s not out of place in this issue, you’ll see in a minute.



Humming the theme from Mission Impossible softly, [See? I TOLD YOU that video wasn’t out of place!- L.L.] Impish crosses his office as quietly as possible then listens at his private exit door momentarily while using the pin hole camera he had liberated from the D.R.A.G.O.N. stash and installed in the corridor to check for guards or other activity. It was clear except for two very large Irish wolfhounds at the far end of the corridor. Impish carefully opened the door he’d recently oiled slowly and quietly so as not to make any noise. He carefully pushed a cart out the doorway so as not to bang it on the doorframe. It had passed through with only a scant 1/2 an inch on either side when he’d snuck it in and hidden it in his washroom. Moving with purpose and as much stealth as he could muster he headed directly to the freight elevator.

It bore a large ‘OUT OF ORDER’ sign on it as it did every year come this time. Sparing the Irish wolfhounds a swift glance as he opened the doors to the elevator and seeing they were still watching the other corridor Impish pushed the heavy cart inside then followed it himself while extracting a thin slivery rod from his vest which he placed to his lips momentarily and blew into very gently.  Immediately two large furry heads at the end of the corridor whipped around to look for the source of the sound. With one last backwards glance each toward the corridor both came at a trot down the hallway and into the elevator.

Impish slide the door closed. Placed a piece of  prepared card board over the small window in the elevator door and secured it with a strip of duct tape helpfully cut off the rolls with a lighting fast swipe if a small paw sporting a single exposed claw. Removing a powered screw driver Impish went to work on the elevator’s panel opening it. He knew the elevator was not really out of order. It was simply in ‘Fire Mode’ and therefore controlled from the Security Office manually. Fortunately Impish had found a toy in the D.R.A.G.O.N. stash that would deal with that for him, a manual control box meant for fireman and elevator service men. He removed it from his vest and inserted the connector in the thoughtfully labeled ‘ Override’ port on the now exposed control board and thumbed the down button hopefully. The elevator started descending, the number on the display suddenly clicking down one, it worked! The two dogs whined unhappily at being confined in the moving box. Impish withdrew 2 sticks of Buffalo jerky from his pouch and tossed them to the dogs. The whining ceased replaced by the sounds of tails swishing and jerky gnawing.

The basement level light lit up on the hand control and Impish carefully watched the count reverse until it hit 4 and stopped the elevator handing the unit over the control panel’s open door. Again using the screw driver Impish carefully removed the screws from the frame holding the safety glass in the window of the elevator door being sure that the duct tape would hold the frame in place until he was ready to displace it.

Breaking a pair of light sticks and shaking them, he tossed them to the back of the elevator’s floor where they would provide minimal lighting with out showing before flicking the control panel lighting and ventilation switch to ‘Off’. He with drew the pistol he’d brought carefully and turned it’s electronic sights on. Then sticking it momentarily in the pocket with Brutus for him to hold there he carefully removed the glass for the elevator door, placing it atop his cart. Peering out the narrow opening Impish saw the motion sensor at the far end of the hallway as well as the camera mounted above it and smiled. Taking the pistol from Brutus who had rubbed his good luck scent all over it industriously in the last 30 seconds he turned the pistol sideways and slowly stuck the barrel out the window. He had to fire the pistol ‘Ghetto-style’ because the window was too narrow to allow him to use the sights the other way.

It had taken him nearly half a day and all the ammo and Co2 he’d helped himself to the first time to get the pistol properly sighted in to shoot accurately like this necessitating a second trip back to the gear stash. This had turned out to be as fortuitous as it had risky as Impish had spotted two additional pieces of equipment on the list when he was checking to find the proper crates for the ammo and CO2 tanks. Those two piece became the lynch pins of his plan and were currently behind him on the cart covered over.  He aimed carefully and fired. HIT! Still part of the sensor was not quite covered in the silicone and Mylar confetti. Impish took no chances and fired again. Another hit.

Pulling the pistol back inside Impish switched out the tube of paintballs for a different one before re-extending the pistol and taking aim at the camera. This time it took two shots before the paintball hit the camera lens. The crazy glue and tinsel mixture would make security think the camera had shorted out again. This periodically happened in the high heat and humidity environment around the kitchen so it wouldn’t be attributed to him though it did mean that soon someone would come to inspect and repair or replace it so he couldn’t assault the kitchen unseen.

Stowing the pistol its job now done. Impish removed a length of paracord with a small carabineer and harness attached from his vest. Immediately Brutus started grumbling. “Oh hush up already! You want to appear wuss like in front of those two wolfhounds? Dogs gossip you know, you’ll ruin your street cred in a heart beat. Beside you don’t have to wear the harness any longer than it takes for you to do the job. Now quit yer caterwauling and get in it we’re on a clock here. Eyes on the prize.” Impish chided Brutus while struggling to get the squirming cat into the harness. Once in the harness Impish opened the door about a foot then stopped and listened. Nodding to himself that everything was still quiet and that there was in fact plenty of noise coming from the kitchen…along with a faint hint of… his tail began quivering…was that the scent of turkey he detected? Three other noses were now working as well and an additional 3 quivering tails told him the story. Despite all the precautions there was a weak scent of turkey in the air down here. Impish place Brutus carefully on the edge of the bottom door. He looked at Brutus and said ‘you ready?’ Brutus nodded once. “Remember the trouble signal?” Another more emphatic and impatient nod. OK lil bud here we go then good luck.

Brutus wiggle his butt backwards over the edge of the door until he was hanging on only by his front claws, then with a nearly silent ‘Meow!’ Brutus let go of the door altogether, his weight now supported by the paracord attached to his harness. Impish carefully let out line until he felt it go slack then let the line pay out on it’s own as Brutus made his way down the side corridor looking for more motion sensors and cameras. A long minute later another soft ‘Meow!” Impish missed until Oberon nudged him and pawed at the door came. Impish opened the door all the way and Brutus trailing paracord scampered back into the elevator. Impish picked him up removed the harness and stuck him back in his vest where Brutus returned to his preferred position.



Impish smiled, he was in business. Looking at the two wolfhounds Impish said “Ok you two know you’re job, get to it. Same recall as before.” The two wolfhound lope out the elevator door and down the hall in the direction Brutus had just returned from to keep watch at the end of the corridor just like before though both paused a moment to get a better sniff of the food smells now much more clearly noticeable since the opening to the door all the way. Oberon tentatively took several step in the direction of the smells before a quick nip of his quivering tail by Orlaith broke the smells spell over him and returned his attention to the task at hand.

“Eyes on the prize guys, I’m counting on you to keep my rear surprise free. Orlaith you need to keep Oberon from getting to distracted by his stomach for me.” This received an affirmative ‘wwwwooof’ from Orlaith and a soft ‘chuff’ from Oberon. Impish again gestured down the corridor and the pair trotted off to assume their post.

The final chapter will come later. Right now all this talk of food has made me hungry!



I swear my local grocery stores are starting to look like this!




Total Time:  1 hr 12 min  |  Prep: 15 min  |  Cook: 57 min  |  Yield: 6 to 8 servings


12 ounces fresh cranberries, rinsed and picked over for stems
1 Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored, and diced
1/2 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed
1 tablespoon grated orange zest (2 oranges)
1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1 1/8 teaspoons ground cinnamon, divided
2 extra-large eggs, at room temperature
1 cup plus 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1/4 pound (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted and slightly cooled
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup sour cream
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.

Combine the cranberries, apple, brown sugar, orange zest, orange juice, and 1 teaspoon of the cinnamon in a medium bowl. Set aside.

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the eggs on medium-high speed for 2 minutes. With the mixer on medium, add 1 cup of the granulated sugar, the butter, vanilla, and sour cream and beat just until combined. On low speed, slowly add the flour and salt.

Pour the fruit mixture evenly into a 10-inch glass pie plate. Pour the batter over the fruit, covering it completely. Combine the remaining 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar and 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkle it over the batter. Bake for 55 to 60 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean and the fruit is bubbling around the edges. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Cheesy Bacon Pull Aparts

These don’t have to just be breakfast. They go great with salads, soups or chili as well



    1 can (10 pieces) refrigerated Homestyle Biscuits
    5 Tbsp. butter
    1½ tsp. Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix Packet
    ½ tsp. onion powder
    1½ cups  Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese
    1 package (11-13 pieces) Fully Cooked Bacon, finely chopped
    Cooking spray


    Preheat oven to 375° F.
    Line a 13”x9” baking sheet with foil. Coat foil well with cooking spray.
    Cut the 10 slices of biscuits into 8 pieces each.
    In small mixing bowl, melt butter in microwave for 1 minute or until liquefied.
    Stir in seasoning mix and onion powder. Mix thoroughly.
    Space the sliced biscuits on the baking sheet approximately ½” apart.
    Spoon on butter mixture. Sprinkle on cheese and bacon.
    Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove and let cool for about 3 minutes.
    Pull apart and serve warm.

Turn Cookies Into a Pie Crust in Under a Minute

Just in time for the holidays, Chef Sarah Sanneh from Pies ‘n’ Thighs in Brooklyn tells you how to turn store bought cookies into a delicious pie crust in a minute or less.





The History Behind Some of Your Favorite Holiday Dishes


Apple cider

Julius Caesar and his friends found the British drink in 55 BCE. Europeans brought the tradition to the New World, where it was such a huge hit that the trees Johnny Appleseed was planting were specifically to make cider. In the early 20th century, improved refrigeration allowed us to drink the unfermented juice of apples, which led to Americans calling non-alcoholic juice cider, even though the rest of the English-speaking world only used the word for alcoholic beverages.


Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin goes all the way back to 9000 years ago in Mexico, and was cultivated by Native Americans for centuries. Before modern food preservation methods, pumpkin was roasted or boiled and mixed with pie-like ingredients to make it last longer. It’s thought that the Pilgrims made a similar dish but without the crust.


Green bean casserole

Since the late 19th century, Americans have loved creamed veggies. The modern version of the classic dish was standardized by Campbell’s in 1955 to promote one of their soups. They’re totally okay with the trend being to only make the dish for Thanksgiving, because they estimate the company makes $20 million just off cream of mushroom soup at this time.



Whether or not you call it stuffing or dressing, the first mention of stuffing meat with something for extra flavor shows up in a collection of recipes by Apicius. The ancient cook suggested stuffing hares, dormice, chickens, sardines and squid. Eventually the concept of stuffing meat with meat became very popular among the French. Today, most chefs stick to non-meat fillings.

Stuffed Dormice? Here I thought Impish’s dining habits were abominable!


Pecan pie

Many say the French created the dessert after they came to New Orleans in 1718 and were surrounded by pecan trees. However, the first recipe showed up in the late 19th century and was actually referred to as “Texas pecan pie.” The dark rich filling we’re used to today was created by Karo Syrup company in the 1930s when a sales executive’s wife apparently came up with a new way of using corn syrup.


Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

At the turn of the 20th century, marshmallows were very expensive because they were handmade. Because of this, cooking with the ingredient was very trendy, and a 1917 recipe booklet is what made the idea of using them in sweet potatoes really stick.


Cranberry sauce

Cranberries are harvested mid-September to mid-November, just in time to consume during the holidays, whether you want to or not. Marcus L. Urann first canned the berries in 1912 as a way to extend their short selling season, and created a jelly that acted as a sauce when heated up






Must have been a couple Colts players!


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual parade presented by the U.S.-based department store chain Macy’s. The tradition started in 1924, tying it for the second-oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States with America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit (with both parades being four years younger than the 6abc Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia). The three-hour Macy’s event is held in New York City starting at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thanksgiving Day, and has been televised nationally on NBC since 1952.


America’s favorite holiday tradition will once again kick off the season of joy as the 89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade returns to march down the streets of New York on Thursday, November 26 (9 a.m.-noon in all time zones). Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker of NBC’s “TODAY” will anchor the broadcast.

As millions celebrate the holiday with family and friends, more than 8,000 participants – including clowns, balloon handlers and marching bands – will travel through Manhattan to the sound of the iconic catchphrase “Let’s Have a Parade.” With more than 3.5 million spectators and over 50 million television viewers nationwide, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the nation’s most celebrated and anticipated holiday treat.

Stars of film, television, stage, sports and music will provide the nation with first-class performances. Joining the festivities this year are Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, Mariah Carey, Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson, Cirque du Soleil, Daughtry, Andra Day, Andy Grammer, Sandra Lee, Shawn Mendes, MercyMe, Mipso, Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell, Jennifer Nettles, NHL legends Mark and Marty Howe, Jake Owen, Panic! at the Disco, Plain White T’s, Rachel Platten, Questlove with the cast and the Muppets of “Sesame Street,” Prince Royce, the cast of Broadway’s “School of Rock,” Trey Songz, Jordin Sparks, Chica and the gang from Sprout and Train.

The Radio City Rockettes will help kick off the festivities, which will also showcase theatrical productions “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Finding Neverland,” “The King & I,” “On Your Feet!” and “Something Rotten.” In addition, spectators will get a sneak preview performance from NBC’s “The Wiz Live!,” which premieres Thursday, December 3 (8 p.m. ET/PT).





“This is what I’m reduced to, cuckolded by a Leprechaun  in my own mountain and forced to consort with cats and dogs for help, sheesh!…OWW! Present company excluded Brutus! Damn that hurt!” Brutus regards him momentarily with one eye before fixing his attention of the paw and claws he just used on Impish uttering a very brief ‘Meh!’ before beginning to clean it thoroughly.

Impish uncover the cart now places a small tubular device with a wheel on each end on the floor after switching it on and picks up a control box which he also switches on. “Now lets see what this years gauntlet of defenses has in store for me.” Working the control panel the device wizzes out of the elevator and  down the  short hallway stopping just at the corner before pivoting right on one wheel slowly ‘cutting the pie’ in military parlance the small flat voice in the back of Impish’s head directs. watching the screen on the control panel Impish fiddles with several dials and squints at the screen muttering softly to himself “can’t make out a bloody thing at this resolution but if I raise it I’ll lose situational awareness and navigational perspective damn it. Wait! I know! I know! Give me a moment already!” he says to the flat voice only he can hear.

As Impish looks through the equipment on the cart Brutus looks around for whoever it is Impish is talking to baffledly. Impish suddenly cries softly “Yes! Got them!” then hurriedly dons a visor and plugs it into the control panel before dropping the visor over his eyes. “Just give me a second to get used to them already” Impish grumbles.
“Yup much clearer detail now. Okay, proceeding  with floor level trip wire and pressure plate scan.” After about 5 minutes of manipulating the controls Brutus gets restless and head butts Impish in the chest. “Easy now! I’m just about a third of the way down the corridor and so far nothing at ground level that I can see with the camera. Be patient will ya? How’d you like to be me? You’ve been waiting 9 days I’ve been waiting 9 years for…HEY! What the hell just happened? Everything is black, well green and fuzzy really. It doesn’t seem like the rover is responding to the controls I can’t see any movement in the picture.”

He raises the visor and reaches for another harness, this one with a GoPro camera attached on the back and starts attaching it to the again protesting and squirming Brutus.  “Brutus go peek around the corner while I get Tinker Bell ready. See if you can
get a picture of what happened to Rover. Quit belly aching, get it done and there is a salmon jerky tidbit in it for you.”
This perks up Brutus’s ears and gains his co-operation. “Don’t go around that corner until we know what happened to Rover.” cautions Impish as he clips the paracord safety line to the new harness and insures the other end is firmly attached to his vest. Brutus starts down the hall as Impish turns back to the cart and busies himself with preparing another remotely operated vehicle, this one airborne.

A minute later a sharp tug on the paracord interrupts his preflight of the ROV. “OK, ok one second.” Impish wakes a tablet and looks at the image. The hallway appears just as it did when he saw it through Rover’s camera, totally empty, totally innocent and most worriedly no Rover is in sight. The picture starts moving slowly down the hall. Impish hurriedly steps on the paracord halting Brutus’s progress. Grabbing the cord where it attaches to his vest he gathers up the slack before taking his foot off and beginning to haul Brutus back who is struggling to go forward desperately. Half way back down the hall he stops trying spins around and launches himself down the hall at Impish snarling. Impish stands impassively waiting. Just as Brutus unsheathes his sharps, gives his war cry and coils to leap at Impish his hand flicks up and Brutus encounters the icy cold stream from the business end of a small Super Soaker water pistol right in the face. The effect is immediate and the cat that lands on Impish chest hardly resembles the snarling howling spitting furry demonic un-cuddly of moments ago.

Impish drops the Super Soaker and produces a microfiber chamois. Before beginning to dry Brutus off he asks “You better now? We good? Now you know why I was so insistent on the tether and harness. I didn’t put it past Lethal to have some sort of anti Ninja Kitty component to his trap gauntlet. If I let you go you’d have wound up with no nip and I’d have probably lost you to where ever Rover went.” Mumbled (or is that grumbled) cat responses can be heard from under the microfiber cloth as Impish dries Brutus off as best he can before removing the GoPro and depositing him back in his pouch on Impish’s chest. He does not remove the harness or the tether just in case Brutus has second thoughts. “Here finish drying off in there and see if you can’t find something in the bottom of the pouch to improve your mood too. You got me what I needed so I paid off on my promise.”

Impish completed the preflight of Tinker Bell expertly with the assistance of the monotone commentary in his ears. He sent it whizzing softly down the hall, slowing it before it hit the corner to a momentary hover so he could done the visor and attach it to Tinker Bell’s controller. He carefully side slipped the hovering drone around the corner, one claw on the return home button should anything appear amiss. Nothing. Just like what the feline based GoPro showed, an empty pristine corridor.

With a flash of inspiration Impish hit the return function button which brought Tinker Bell zipping back to him to hover 2 feet distant. Carefully opening the pocket with Brutus who by the feel of things was still engaged in cleaning and drying himself he address the cat. “Hey pal listen, for your own safety I need to lock your pocket for a little while ok? I need the tether and I don’t need to worry about you getting another whiff of faux nip if I’m moving around near the end of the corridor ok?” Brutus stopped licking his paw long enough to cast a baleful eye at Impish and grumble at the interruption before returning the the important task at hand. Impish sighed and was set to try a second time when Brutus looked up grumbled and turned himself so Impish could unhook the tether dodging a half hearted swipe and him as he withdrew. In response as he closed and secured the flap he addressed the cat a final time. “You know with your surly attitude they really should have named you Grumble Guts.” The nylon buckle snicked closed on the pouch just as Brutus surged up at the flap. “Cranky cranky! Bet your blood sugar is low. You should really eat something Brutus!”

Impish attaches the tether to the drone before flying it back down the hall. Maybe he can yank it out of harms way or at least locate the trap by the tether line this time. Rounding the corner and coming to a hover Impish pans the hall way looking for… whatever stood out or appeared too innocuous. Still nothing. He zoomed the camera in some. There! Faint tread prints from Rover on the floor! Keeping the ROAV about 6 feet off floor height he carefully focused on and followed the tread marks down the hallway until they just stopped. Just stopped.

Impish taking his own advice pulled a six inch Subway Club from his vest and popped it in his mouth to chew while he contemplated the problem. Carefully he scanned the floor and walls back a safe distance from the spot where the tread marks stopped. He couldn’t see anything out of sorts, maybe a few new scuff marks along the walls, but given the area’s usage, that would hardly be considered out of place. Then he spotted it, dark green flecks on the floor, not a lot but certainly enough know how high a grade cat nip Lethal bought to catch and capture the attention of any cat to come near. It started just about where the Rover’s tracks stopped. Impish was maneuvering Tinker Bell for a closer look when his hand twitched and sent to ROAV side slipping past the tracks. He  saw a flash on the screen, a quick impression of an image not related to the Hallway and then…black screen again.

Impish sighed deeply. Opening Brutus’s pouch he extracted the ninja kitty and placed him on the cart still semi laden with gadgets. “Stay here. Keep watch on the tablet. If I suddenly disappear, get the hounds and get out. Keep your mouths shut and I’ll still pay off when I finally get back. We clear?” He instructed Brutus while clipping the GoPro camera to his vest. Brutus tail stands to rub his head against Impish’s hand. “I know pal, we’re good, I didn’t mean that Grumble Guts comment either. I’m just going to use the old Mark 1 Mod 0 eyeballs on the situation but I think we’re about to hear the fat lady sing. I can’t combat this level of magical trap, I’m just not prepared for it.  Back in a couple minutes…I hope. If not you know the drill.”

He waddled down the hall hugging the near wall as silently as possible then craned his head carefully around the corner. As he expected the paracord led right up to where the tire treads stopped and the nip started but he saw nothing else. Or did he? Was that a faint shimmer right at the end of the paracord? Could it be touching the very edge of the trap and tickling it somehow? He fished around in his vest before he located what he was looking for, a pair of Steampunk looking goggles reminiscent of very old welders goggles. WHen D.R.A.G.O.N. had gone into hiding he’d complied with the order to turn in all his gear, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, placing everything in her boot. Everything that is except these goggles. They came in handy flying in bad weather were comfortable and even back then he’d thought that their special feature might come in handy for this assault.

Donning them and fitting them carefully to his eyes, he began adjusting the right one, one click at a time. “U.V.- nothing. I.R.- nothing. Enhanced light spectrum- yup there’s that flicker quite clearly. Spectral spectrum-nothing. Magical Wavelength filter—WHOA! Jackpot! Will you look at that!” Impish stared at what the goggles were showing him. Runes, lots of runes, covering a ten by ten section of the floor ceiling and both walls to form a sort of tunnel. Impish in his time had seen a lot of runes, these we nothing like any of those. These were not Lethal’s work either he guessed, somehow these were similar but different from the ones Lethal used, older and drawing form a different power source. Impish reached into his pocket and produced a golf ball, rolling it down the hallway toward the runes. The flash nearly blinded him before the goggle reacted by darkening but not before Impish got the Impression of a familiar locale. When the goggles cleared the scene was the same with no golf ball to be seen.

His shoulder drooped as he turned shuffling back down the hall lost in thought and listening to the monotone lecture in his ear as various thoughts popped into his head. His vest was designed to defeat/shield and protect him from all but the most powerful magical attacks on his person but the note from Wizard Dresden had been very specific these attacks has to be personal ones. It didn’t protect him from what he termed ‘area effect spells’. Clearly teleportation spell traps fell into this category. Still he thought he might be able to attack the problem from the other end if the trap worked in both directions.

Arriving at the elevator he took the tablet from Brutus and connected it to Tinker Bell’s controller to download the video. Then he scrolled to the last few frames and played them frame by frame. Finding what he was looking for he menu scrolls to ‘auto-enhance’. The result when the image clears makes him almost drop the tablet.


“OH CRAP! HELLS NO!” he exclaims. Looking at Brutus who had “Meh?”at him, he turned the tablet so he could see. Instantly Brutus puffed up and yowled “Nooo!” Impish chuckled, “You ain’t just yowling Dixie there kiddo. No is right. Go get the hounds. We’re folding this operation and extracting. The fat lady is singing her aria and it’s time to beat the rush to the doors.”


Brutus jumped down, to scamper off swiftly down the hall as Impish briskly pulled in the remnants of the paracord tether and began swiftly stowing his gear back on the cart. He was nearly finished when he felt a cold wet nose prod his hip. “Good we’re almost ready to get out of Dodge, just keep an eye out while I cover this stuff over and we’ll…HEY!” Impish rubbed his hip where he’d just been nipped and turned around “What the hell is wr… Brutus what’s up?” Brutus was quivering and dancing about on the back of Orlaith while Oberon looked eagerly back down the hall and whined plaintively. “MEH! MAOW! Purrrr!” responded Brutus also looking back down the hall.

The animals turned about took several steps down the hall and stopped regarding Impish over their respective shoulders all tails wagging or twitching.  Chuckling softly Impish made to follow after grabbing the Super Soaker pistol and loading another bottle of ice water in it, securing it opposite of the paintball gun which he also loaded. “Ok you bunch of MacDuffs, lead on.”

They proceeded down the hall and to Impish’s surprise rounded the corner. A short way down the corridor there was an open door….to the back storage room of the kitchen? “Where did? When did? Who? SERIOUSLY?! All this time I’ve been busting a nut trying a frontal assault and there is an open and unguarded back door???!!” He had to stop mid rant to swallow, as the smell coming from the kitchen was much stronger here and he was beginning to salivate. His moment of victory was finally here. At long last he’d finally beaten Lethal at his own game!

He rushed inside and through the storage area calling out loudly, Alright Listen Up! Who’s in charge here? This is a surprise tasting inspection of Thanksgiving dinner and…” he tapered off after blasting through the swinging double doors that separated the storage area from the kitchen at the sight that greeted him, or rather failed to greet him. Nobody. Nothing, save a lone large pot slowly simmering on the stove. Despite his eyes telling him the kitchen was empty, his ears reported a bustling busy kitchen and his nose reported a  Thanksgiving feast in full preparation.

He stood perplexed for a moment. To say this was unexpected was right up there with Truman defeating Dewy. Why so heavily defend an empty kitchen and why were all his senses except his eyes telling him the kitchen was active? A sudden suspicion ran a chill down his spine. A trap! This was another trap! Spinning around and dashing back into the storage area he was greeted by a solid wall where the doorway had been mere moments ago.  Donning his goggles he immediately confirmed his suspicions ,residual magical energies were slowly ebbing out of the wall.  Another rune portal, this one open to show what was on the other side, exactly what he wanted to see. Lethal had played him for a Rube and he’d swallowed the bait whole in a single gulp.

Dejectedly he turned and shuffled back into the kitchen. Removing the goggles and carefully stowing them, he searched for the source of the working kitchen sounds. What he found was so utterly old school simplistic he had to admit his begrudging admiration for the technique. There on the second shelf of a cart sat a Portable AM/FM 8 Track player from the early 70’s shaped like an egg with a 8 Track stuffed in and running. 4 stereo tracks 20 minutes in duration each, he paused to check, yup, randomly shuffled between. He could have spent most of the day listening before he realized it was a taped loop. Speaker wires ran up the wall to a speaker over the unit and one on the opposite wall giving anyone listening from outside the impression of movement within the seemingly busy working kitchen. Impish pulled the 8 track tape out. Instantly the kitchen fell deathly, silent save for the soft sound of the simmering stock pot which now drew his attention.

Impish went to the stove, removed the lid from the pot and peered in. Carrot tops, celery bottoms, tops and bottoms off of onions, tops off several other root vegetables Impish could not identify beyond the fact they were root vegetables.  A bound bunch of green fragrant thinks and black pebbles in some sort of cloth tied to the handle of the pot with string like a roll your own tea bag of some kind. Turkey wing tips, what looked like a couple possibly smoked turkey legs, necks, gizzards and were those turkey backs? All slowly simmering about 2 inches below the surface of the liquid in the pan which Impish suspected was a mixture of water, chicken base and white wine. A Thanksgiving potpourri. More bait for the trap…no wait!  Not bait for the trap! This would be the the stock Lethal would use to make his family’s secret stuffing recipe! What ever was left over would be combined with actual turkey drippings to make the gravy! So there was going to be a Thanksgiving dinner after all!

The voice so startled Impish when it spoke he nearly wet himself coming from the other side of the counter directly behind him. “It gently stirs the pot every 15 minutes. It carefully skims the scum every thirty minutes before it stirs. Thrice around the clock it does this. It carefully strains the stock” The crones bone finger pointed at the waiting pot and fine mesh strainer sitting in an ice bath waiting on a cart. Removes the strainer for it to enjoy it does but not before it wheels the stock into the cooler. If the tasks it completes joins us it does for the feast. Should it fail much time to spend in regret will it have on the ‘morrow.” The crone began slowly fading from view, if indeed she’d even been real to start with, but not before uttering one last sentence in her quavering fingernails on chalkboard voice. “Seek you your prize in the cabinet of keeping.”

Impish shuddered involuntarily, the meaning of both her words of warning and Lethal’s now clear to him. Lethal had cautioned him that he had no time for Impish’s game this year and that he’d spend a great deal of time in regret if he stubbornly persisted in perusing his quest to insert his snout and stomach in the Thanksgiving preparations. Just now the crone had used nearly the same words ‘much time to spend in regret will it have’  The meaning was now crystal clear to Impish. Regret was the name of the cabin he’d stayed in at the Hokey Pokey Clinic and the menu Lethal had shown him was exactly the sort of thing Gunny Hartman would take perverse pleasure in serving him for the holiday.

Still there was the matter of the crones last words ‘Seek you your prize in the cabinet of keeping.’ What the hell was a cabinet of keeping and where would it be found in a kitchen? A buzzer sounded and the crones voice came once more to his ears, this time from the radio he’d removed the 8 track tape from. ” It skims the scum from the pot!” Impish without thinking hastened to comply. As thickheaded, stubborn and fixated as he could be, even he could recognize when he was outclassed by several classes and he most definitely was outclassed. This was even out of Lethal’s class and therefore not to be messed around with. Having removed the scum  from the top of the stock he carried the ladle and bowl to the sink to rinse so as not to contaminate the stock at the next skimming. On his way he bumped up against a hot box, a large heated metal box used to keep food warm while on the way to the dining areas or until ready for service once there the monotone voice told him. Impish stiffed suddenly at the sink.
Cabinet used.
To keep.
Food hot.
A cabinet of keeping!

Hastily finishing rinsing out the bowl and ladle he returned them to the stove before practically dancing over the the hot box. Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves he unlatched the door. The odor that hit him was like the sweetest narcotic. Is eyes dilated, his tongue protruded from his mouth and began spattering the floor with droplets of saliva.  Affixed in a plastic pouch to the inside of the door was a list of all the items in the box, presumably representing a sampling of everything to be had tomorrow at the annual Thanksgiving feast.
He had.
Done it.
He’d Won!
Well, sort of.

Out in the corridor Brutus stood frantically scratching at the stone wall where moments before Impish had walked into the back door of the kitchen the two hounds had found. Suddenly he became aware of something happening behind him. The two wolfhounds quickly weren’t wolfhounds any longer. In their place stretching cramped limbs were Atticus O’Sullivan &  Granuaile MacTiernan the funny smelling humans that came with the two great wolfhounds. Granuaile reached down and grabbed Brutus by the scruff before he could even run off, placing him gently in the crook of her arm, calming him and assuring him in soft words that Impish was just fine, safe and would be momentarily very very happy once he discovered his prize. Then she reached into a small pouch at her waist and pulled out a pinch of something that made Brutus totally forget his friend. Sprinkling it on his head and in the corner of her arm Granuaile smiled as Brutus became immersed in cat nipped compliant bliss.

Atticus smiled as he stretched his back some more. “Lethal was right again, much as I hate to admit it. An opportunity for front row seats to a show of that entertainment level really doesn’t happen but once in a life time. I’m glad he talked us into staying on and helping him with this.”

“Do you think he knows it was us?”

“Not a chance. If we fooled Brutus here we definitely fooled Impish. He’ll never suspect it was us all along that he made his bargain with though he might a little more than suspect the rune work was our doing. From what I understand however Lethal frequently subcontracts that sort of thing out so we should be good. Now what do you say we take the opportunity to raid Impish’s office and see if we can locate his stash of Buffalo jerky? That stuff was pretty darned good and I’m feeling a bit hungry. Then will go rescue Lethal from the clutches of Oberon and Orlaith or vice versa.”


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Dragon Laffs #1462


Good Morning Campers,

I want to start out, first thing, with a shout-out to Ginny who got it absolutely right with this picture:

Now, since Mrs. Dragon is not from Jersey, I expect everyone of you to not show this picture to her.  Right?

The holidays are coming.  Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and Christmas is just around the corner.  How many of you can we expect for the Thanksgiving feast next weekend?  Okay, keep your hands up, Ginny dear, can you go around and count and get names for us?  Thanks, hun.

Well, I’m very sure there is a lot of excitement about this years party.  The kitchen staff is already making stuff.  Some of it is for the party, some of it is for samples to go to Lethal’s office for his approval.  They won’t send me samples because they know that I love just about everything.

And again, Lethal is determined to keep me out of the kitchen!  He won’t let me have anything to do with preparing the Thanksgiving meal!  I don’t think that’s fair! Especially since nobody, and I mean NOBODY knows turkey better than I do!  I’ve been hunting turkey all over the world before the pilgrims even thought about eating with Indians. 

But, will Lethal let me in the kitchen?


But, I have a plan this year.  Last year I ALMOST made it!  I was this close!  So, building on my successes from previous years…heh, heh, heh!  Let’s just say that he’s in for a BIG surprise!

Now, while I put the finishing touches on this great plan of mine, you guys go ahead and start the issue:



I know this is a lousy way to start a humor blog, but as you know, we also bring you stuff that is supposed to make you think.  This new section, Can You Believe This Crap?!  (CYBTC) is also a section, like everything else in Dragon Laffs, that you can submit stuff to.  Just sayin’.



It can be agreed upon that the student loan debt is out of control.   It has more than tripled in the past ten years.   Competition for limited jobs, and the need for increased education just to be competitive only begins to explain the reason for the mounting problem.    But, is the answer to increase the tax burden on working Americans to provide free college (or an increased minimum wage) for students?

We are raising a generation of entitled, spoiled brats who don’t see the value in hard work – at least not their own hard work.  They want others to work hard so they don’t have to.

Read the rest of the article here: http://minutemennews.com/the-entitled-generation-is-now-marching-to-get-more-free-stuff/

It is unbelievable to me the number of people in this country, young and old, who feel like the rest of us owe them a free-ride!  Day after day I read about a $15 minimum wage, Free college, Free food, Free housing, FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

How can you possibly think that me working harder so you don’t have to work is fair?  I’m sure, according to you, the Entitlers, that I should do like you do and stop working and have some other citizen pay me!

That is outrageous!

And as far as the $15 minimum wage goes, you really DO need more schooling if you think that is going to work out economically in ANYBODY’S favor.  Minimum wage is there for minimum skills.  You want a higher paying job, get yourself some higher paying skills!!!

My son, you know him as the Whelpling, needed a better paying job to feed his family.  Did he hold his hand out and ask for it to be given to him?  HELL NO!!  Because I raised him better than that!!!  He, with the help of his wife, put himself through school, he got his CDL, and now he’s making the money that he needs to make.

Why the hell should he have to pay for someone else who’s not willing to make, at least, the same effort that he has?

To the Entitlers out there… Get off your lazy asses, stop being so childish to think that Mommy and Daddy America is going to take care of you for the rest of your life! You make me sick!!!  Leeches.



Gotta love the little devil.  He’s been hanging around the campground lately, so I put him to work.


! BIRDBRAINS Drop-In Template.ai

I was going to put a groaner alert before this one, but it’s not really that bad. 

Okay, so maybe it is.


Wife: “Where the hell have you been?” You said you’d be done with golf by noon!”
 Husband: “I’m so sorry, honey, but you probably don’t want to hear the reason.”
 Wife: “I want the truth, and I want it NOW!”
 Husband: “Fine. We finished in less than 4 hours, quick beer in the clubhouse,golf hopped in the car, and would have been here at 12 on the button, but on the way home, I spotted a girl half our age struggling with a flat tire. I changed it in a jiffy, and next she’s offering me money. Of course, I refuse it, but then she tells me she was headed to the bar at the Sheraton – and begs me to stop so she can buy me a beer. She’s such a sweetie, I said ‘yes.’
Before you know it, one beer turned to three or four, and I guess we were looking pretty good to each other. Then she tells me she has a room at the Sheraton less than 50 steps from our table. She suggested we get some privacy while pulling me by the hand. Now I’m in her room… clothes are flying… the talking stopped… and we proceeded to have sex in every way imaginable. It must have gone on for hours, because before I know it the clock says 5:30pm. I jumped up, threw my clothes on, ran to the car, and here I am. There, you wanted the truth, you got it.”
 Wife: “Don’t lie to me. You played 36 holes, didn’t you!?!”




Dragon Pix2


Our little playhouse on the property of DL&LL Enterprises does a play every year for the staff and members of Fun Mountain.  This is a picture of the time we did the Sound of Music.  It was a great performance.  The lead, seen above, went on to a great career in Hollywood, to include roles in the Hobbit movies, some of the Disney movies and others you probably know.  We are quite proud of his success.




The Manhattan Commuter train was packed.  Suddenly there was a jingle on the floor.  Most necks were craned.  One elderly gentleman, however, bent down and picked something up.  He then asked, “Did anyone drop a half dollar?”
“I did,” answered three men at once.
“Well,” said the elderly gent with a smile, “here’s a dime of it.”








Yes, it’s a gross and disgusting picture.  Yes, it is over the top sensationalism.  Yes, it’s necessary to make the point.  So, tell me again how Islam is a religion of peace.  Tell again, the people of Paris how Islam is a religion of peace.

Now, tell me why our President is still trying to back these monsters.

There is only ONE place that I go that I’m not armed.  And no, it isn’t church.

Campers, it’s coming to our America, sooner than you might think.







Izzy Dragon, being a normal teenage girl, had been talking on the phone about half an hour, and then she hung up. 
“Wow!” exclaimed her father, Impish Dragon, “That was short.  You usually talk for two hours.  What happened?”
“Wrong number,” replied Izzy.
Okay, so there are 28 items in the following list.  How many of them apply to you?
You Know You’re Old When…
You quit trying to hold in your stomach, no matter who walks into the room.
You enjoy watching the news.
The only reason you’re still awake at 4 am is indigestion.
People ask what color your hair USED to be.
You’re proud of your lawn mower.
Your best friend is dating someone half their age AND isn’t breaking any laws.
You start singing along with the elevator music. 7i
You really do want a new washing machine for your birthday.
You’ve owned clothes so long that they’ve come back into style–TWICE.
You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.
You consider coffee one of the most important things in life.
8 AM is your idea of “sleeping in.”
You write thank you notes without being told.
You start Christmas shopping in August.
You paint walls for a reason other than getting your deposit back.
You don’t like to drive after dark.
You say the words “Turn that music down!”
You point out what buildings used to be where.
You know all the warning signs of a heart attack.
You rake the yard without being told to.
You can’t remember the last time you lay on the floor to watch television.
The service station attendant lets you pump your gas before paying.
You start your conversation with; “When I was younger”.
The highlight of your week is playing bingo.
You understand the dangers of drinking.
Some asks you; “What did you used to do?” or “How did they used to do it when you were my age?”
Pogo sticks look more like a form of punishment than fun.
You have your chiropractor on your speed dial.

Okay, so I hit 22 of them.  Almost 79%.  Yeah, I’m old.


! BIRDBRAINS Drop-In Template.ai


coollogo_com-207986600 (1)


So, I’m not going to tell you which of our lovely ladies is riding on the back of my tail.  Nope.  Not gonna say a word.



For this alone, I’d vote for you!


Just ask Lethal.  He’ll tell you.

(Yes, Lethal.  That was an underhanded slow pitch to you.  I’m SURE you’ll have a response for us either in the comments or in your next issue.)




Papa Dragon Most Senior sent me this great idea:

I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I’m too old to track down terrorists. You can’t be older than 42 to join the military. They’ve got the whole thing ass-backwards.

Instead of sending 18-year olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn’t be able to join a military unit until you’re at least 55.

For starters, researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds. Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a month, leaving us more than 280,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy.

Young guys haven’t lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. ‘My back hurts! I can’t sleep, I’m tired and hungry.’ We are bad-tempered and impatient, and maybe letting us kill some asshole that desperately deserves it will make us feel better and shut us up for a while.

An 18-year-old doesn’t even like to get up before 10am. Us old guys always get up early to pee, so what the hell?

Besides, like I said, I’m tired and can’t sleep and since I’m already up, I may as well be up killing some fanatical goat fucking, son-of-a-bitch.

If captured we couldn’t spill the beans because we’d forget where we put them. In fact, name, rank, and serial number would be a real brainteaser.

Boot camp would be easier for old guys.. We’re used to getting screamed and yelled at and we’re used to soft food. We’ve also developed an appreciation for guns. We’ve been using them for years as an excuse to get out of the house, away from the screaming and yelling.

They could lighten up on the obstacle course however… I’ve been in combat and never saw a single 20-foot wall with rope hanging over the side, nor did I ever do any push-ups after completing basic training.

Actually, the running part is kind of a waste of energy, too… I’ve never seen anyone outrun a bullet.

An 18-year-old has the whole world ahead of him. He’s still learning to shave, to start a conversation with a pretty girl. He still hasn’t figured out that a baseball cap has a brim to shade his eyes, not the back of his head.

These are all great reasons to keep our kids at home to learn a little more about life before sending them off into harm’s way.

Let us old guys track down those terrorists. The last thing an enemy would want to see is a couple million pissed off old farts with bad attitudes and automatic weapons, who know that their best years are already behind them.

HEY!! How about recruiting Women over 50…in menopause!!!

You think MEN have attitudes??

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my God!!! If nothing else, put them on border patrol. They’ll have it secured the first night!




Ginny was telling me that she had visited her daughter the other night and asked if she could borrow a newspaper.

Her daughter, ever the new age child answered her by saying, “This is the 21st Century, mom.  We don’t waste money on newspapers.  Here, use my iPad.”

Ginny then told me, “Man, I can tell you this…that freaking fly never knew what hit him!”




 I once took a sex education class in college and a funny thing happened one day. The professor arrived and said we’d be discussing positions that day and asked us how many positions did we know. I sat there too embarrassed to speak but one gal a couple of seats over said, “Twelve.”
 The professor nodded approval but as he got ready to call on another hand there was a loud call from the far back row of the 150 seat auditorium, “A hundred and one.”
 The little professor looked over his thick glasses but couldn’t make out who had spoken. Finally he called on a fellow down in the front row who replied, “Seven.”
 And once again from the very back was heard, “A hundred and one.”
 Finally he called on a very shy lady sitting next to me. At first she acted like she wasn’t going to answer. Finally she said, “Only one sir.”
 And the professor said, “Well young lady that is unusual. And what position would that be?”
 “With the man on top and woman on the bottom,” she replied.
 And from the back of the room came that same voice, “A hundred and two!”


coollogo_com-1764840 (2)



This is definitely one of Lethal’s kitties.  Only they would have this much attitude.





A girl is said to be grown up when she starts wearing a bra.
A boy is grown up when he starts removing it….!!
We all love to spend lots of money buying new clothes but we never realize that the best moments in life are enjoyed without clothes….!
Having a cold drink on hot day with few friends is nice, but having a hot friend on a cold night after a few drinks – PRICELESS….!
Breaking news: Condoms don’t guarantee safe sex anymore! A friend of mine was wearing one when he was shot dead by the woman’s husband….!!
Arguing over a girls breast size is like choosing between Kingfisher, Fosters, Carlsberg & Budweiser. Men may state their preferences, but will grab whatever is available….!!


A fireman came home from work one day and told his wife, “You know, we have a wonderful system at the fire station.
 Bell 1 rings and we all put on our jackets.
 Bell 2 rings and we all slide down the pole.
 Bell 3 rings and we’re ready to go on the trucks.”
“From now on,” he said, “we’re going to run this house the same way.”
 “When I say Bell 1, I want you to strip naked.
 When I say Bell 2, I want you to jump into bed.
 When I say Bell 3, we’re going to make love all night.”
The next night the fireman came home from work and yelled, “Bell 1!” and his wife took off her clothes.
 “Bell 2,” and his wife jumped into bed.
 “Bell 3,” and they began to make love.
After two minutes his wife yelled, “Bell 4!”
“What the hell is Bell 4?” the husband asks.
“Roll out more hose,” she replied, “you’re nowhere near the fire!”



This really, really needs to happen.  And soon!


Okay, let’s get serious here for a second.  It’s Wednesday evening, and I’m just getting ready to go to bed and I thought I’d check a couple of emails first.  I opened one called the most disturbing refugee video you’ll ever see.  I thought, okay.  I’ll watch this last video and go to bed.

Now, I don’t feel like going to bed because I know I’ll have nightmares.

This video must be seen by every American.  We can NOT let what is happening in Europe happen here in our beautiful country.  We can not let what Obama and his bastards are trying to do happen here.

We must stop this and stop it now.

You thought the attacks on Paris were horrible?  No way.  Not even close.

This is a must watch video.


And may I say right now, that I’m sorry to be the one to show it to you, but it must be seen.  By everyone.





This is so good.  66 Old Movie Dance Scenes, dancing to one of my favorite songs.  Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars.


Amen, my brother.  Amen!



Bridge2 (2)







Andy Griffiths Peaceful town of Mayberry

The reason Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet was because nobody was married – Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, Howard, Goober, Gomer, Sam, Ernest T Bass,
Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara, and of course Opie – all single…….!
The only married person was Otis, and he stayed drunk.
Just saying…



This IS the way it should be to all our enemies around the world.  We should NOT be catering to them, paying them, bargaining with them.  The should be crapping their pants terrified of pissing us off.


Okay, this is a test.  And I really want people to respond in the comments section.  It’s an important test.  Reply in the comments whether or not you “get” this next picture…

Okay, that’s it….now go comment.



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Leprechaun Laughs #325 for Wednesday Nov 18th 2015


Well here it is the start of another week and I find myself once again preparing for possible seriously bad weather. While I write this on Monday its mostly overcast dreary and an occasion short lived shower. However Tuesday is supposed to being us a cold front moving through the area swiftly. The result of this is that ahead of the front it’s pushing some powerful storms with high winds, precipitation in the one to three inches of rain per hour category and a fair probability of Tornadic activity. Singing ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ over this I am not.

Anyway moving on, a housekeeping notice of a sort. The latest episode of Impish and my behind the scenes adventures will be concluding in todays issue. OH QUIT THAT CHEERING ALREADY! This will make way for the recounting of Impish’s annual attempt to breech the security designed to keep him out of the kitchens at DL-LL Digital Media during Thanksgiving week so that he doesn’t ‘taste test’ the entire meal before anyone else can even thing about a plateful in next Wednesday’s Thanksgiving issue.

After that with the holidays nearly upon us I expect we’ll both be too busy to be spending time with our muses creating a new story until possibly after the New Year. We’ve a possible project earmarked but it’s too early as yet to say if it will come to fruition or not before Christmas


Happy 4th Lets Roll



In honor of PAulK9’s Birthday on Monday here is an on point item that I found only after his roast posted:

You Know You’re Old When…

You quit trying to hold in your stomach, no matter who walks into the room.

You enjoy watching the news.

The only reason you’re still awake at 4 am is indigestion.

People ask what color your hair USED to be.

You’re proud of your lawn mower.

Your best friend is dating someone half their age AND isn’t breaking any laws.

You start singing along with the elevator music.

You really do want a new washing machine for your birthday.

You’ve owned clothes so long that they’ve come back into style–TWICE.

You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.

You consider coffee one of the most important things in life.

8 AM is your idea of “sleeping in.”

You write thank you notes without being told.

You start Christmas shopping in August.

You paint walls for a reason other than getting your deposit back.

You don’t like to drive after dark.

You say the words “Turn that music down!”

You point out what buildings used to be where.

You know all the warning signs of a heart attack.

You rake the yard without being told to.

You can’t remember the last time you lay on the floor to watch television.

The service station attendant lets you pump your gas before paying.

You start your conversation with; “When I was younger”.

The highlight of your week is playing bingo.

You understand the dangers of drinking.

Some asks you; “What did you used to do?” or “How did they used to do it when you were my age?”

Pogo sticks look more like a form of punishment than fun.

You have your chiropractor on your speed dial.


SPEAKING of PaulK9- we received this thank you note from him via Pony in Distress [them Pony Express ponys are really old as are their riders but Paul doesn’t like the new fangled USPS apparently]


  Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

  We went out roller skating, then Gin took me Bungee jumping and kept insisting that the guy should put the Bungee around my neck so I wouldn’t hit my head.  He wouldn’t buy it, but I did hit the water three times (and the water’s cold this time of year).  He said that has never happened before, then I saw Gin slip him a fifty.

  Well, another year under my belt, thats why I look fat.  Yea, yea, that’s it, that’s the ticket.


I’m pretty sure Paul was pantsless when he wrote that. What makes me think so? If he dad been wearing them he could have looked at the waist band of his skivvies for help remembering his name to sign it with.


Well its not a handcuff story but this is a good place to get back to our story. When last we left off Impish was wishing to be back home with his family to ensure their safety.

Advent of I & L

DL-LL All Hallows Eve Party Halloween night about 7 PM CST

Impish looks on less than bemusedly at dragonette Izzy dressed as a pirate replete with Brutus as her (furry) eye patched parrot expertly uses her real but well blunted cutlass to repel boarders in the form of an amorous admirer looking to bob for a kiss. Maybe she’s slightly better with her ninja skills than he’d given credit for he thought.

Mean time the Dire Wolves, recently relieved of security/bodyguard duty now that Impish’s family had been brought safely (via magical means and methods unknown to him which he’s been meaning to ask Lethal to exlpain) to the mountain, are doing a surprisingly good cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller while Frankie Stein and the Four Shrouds take a break. Even Mrs. Dragon, attired as Stevie Nicks, got into the spirit of things with a decent rendition of ‘Stop Dragging My Arm Around’.

Impish scans the room for Lethal and finds him in a back corner in the raised private area at a table. Heading in that direction he sees that Lethal is apparently sharing a tankard of something with two guests dressed similarly in costumes of robes both carrying some carved staves and one a sword. However the most notable accessory to their costumes are the pair of Irish Wolf Hounds lounging in front of the table snacking on what appear to be grilled sausages obtained from a platter on the table.

At Impish’s intrusion Lethal does his host’s duty of introductions as he pours from a earthenware jug which he slings over his shoulder into a large tankard for Impish, “This Atticus O’Sullivan &  Granuaile MacTiernan, the grey Wolfhound is Oberon, he’s Atticus’s and cream colored one is Orlaith, she’s Granuaile’s. Atticus and I go back, uh… a long long time. They uh…provided an alternate means of safe transport for your family I’m sure the evil witch wasn’t expecting as well as are here to  consult on a few matters related to the not so much fun last night we need not speak of here in the open. My Lady, Gentleman, Stud and Bitch, I give you Impish Dragon, my partner in this particular venture, but also one of my oldest clients on several levels, as well as good friend and left hand in chicanery.”

The first thing Impish noticed were the eyes of those he was introduced to. All were remarkable in some manner. Atticus’s for the age, wisdom, sorrow and power that he saw there. Granuaile’s for their color, as well as love of life, mirth, quiet confidence.
Most off all it was the two dogs eye’s that drew his attention. They had paused their sausage devouring ,not at the sound of their names, but at the start of the introductions to regard him. When each of their gazes met his what stuck him was the force of intelligence behind that gaze, almost as if they actually understood what had been said to them. Impish was reminded of the same epiphany he’d had with Brutus a short while back when he realized that Brutus did in fact understand what he was saying. Oberon looked at his sausage then the other dog before getting up and coming over to give Impish a thorough sniffing over. When Impish made to push Oberon away from the base of his tail where he seemed intent on burrowing his greasy with sausage wet nose Oberon simply gave him a piercing glare and showed him a fang that was impressive even by Impish’s standards before calmly returning the his mission. Once he had completed his investigation of the newcomer,  he returned to the rug beside the other hound only to find the rest of his sausage missing. It now lay between Orlaith’s paws though as yet unmolested who was regarding Oberon neutrally.

When Oberon looked at Atticus and whined in obvious appeal for intervention in the theft of his sausage, Atticus chuckled and said ‘I told you pal, when it comes to the battle between the sexes your on your own, Trolls, Ghouls, Vampires, Shape shifters, Skin walkers, Evil Angry Fae &/or Fairies I’ve got your back till the bitter end but when it comes to women- good luck your on your own pal. I would however think carefully about haw badly you want that sausage compared to how badly you want to sleep with a companion tonight before I acted though.” Oberon seemed to regard these words for a moment before lowering his ears and tail to return to his spot on the floor and sigh dejectedly.

Impish, never one to miss an opportunity to make brownie points, particularly with a new acquaintance grabbed a sausage off the platter and made as if to sample it before ‘accidentally’ dropping it on the floor where it lay, while both he and Oberon silently regarded it. Impish looked at Oberon a moment, until the wolfhound sensed the gaze upon him and looked up to meet it, at which point Impish winked sighed theatrically and said “Can you help me out here Oberon? Bending at the waist isn’t a strong point of mine… if you get my drift.”

The requested help was immediate and exuberant in its forth coming, nearly bowling Impish off his feet. Orlaith seeing her possession of Oberon’s former sausage was now secure, got up and started towards Impish only a split second later to whip around and snarl at Oberon who was reaching to sniff his old sausage with one currently in his mouth but hastily retreated at the  confrontation, to the guffaws of laughter from the table.

Impish steeled himself for another privacy invasive sniff, exam but instead was pleasantly surprised when the female wolfhound sat carefully before him and regarded him a moment, head cocked to one side, before turn to apparently silently communicate something with her mistress who softly chuckled and nodded agreement while Oberon grumbled between bites of sausage which caused Atticus to bust out laughing. Then Orlaith slowly and solemnly offered her paw to Impish. Impish threw a glace at Lethal who sudden felt the need to exaggeratedly straighten his tie before gesturing with his chin towards the dog.  A light dawned inside Impish’s head and he stiffened his stance clicking his heels and bowing over the proffered paw as he took it saying, “A great pleasure to meet you ma’am.” before kissing the paw just prior to releasing it. A very happy Orlaith nearly knocked Impish over with her tail as she spun around happily on her way back to her stolen sausage.

Impish pulled out the dragon sized bench seat at the table and sat down saying “I think it best I sit before they do manage to clean me off my feet entirely” garnering a chuckle from the table as Lethal smiling somewhat mischievously, slides the tankard he had been pouring earlier in Impish’s direction which he accepts gratefully having found his mouth very dry after his meeting the two very large wolfhounds.

Sniffing the tankard to determine what is in the jug Impish had never before seen in Lethal’s possession he smelled heather and lavender honey, tart apples, cranberries and to his nose the out of place trace of…raisins? Still all in all finding the scent of the drink quite pleasing and not inappropriate for the evenings festivities as well as the harvest season, Impish proceeds to take a dragon sized swing…much to his sudden dismay.

His first sensation, post swallow, was that several of his curled horns had suddenly straightened themselves, his first thought was that he’d never again be plagued by unsightly nostril hairs or the need to constantly and painfully trim them, as he’d just experienced the liquid equivalent of laser hair removal all the way up into his sinus cavity. Then came the sure knowledge that his next breath was not only going to be a deep and explosive one, but that it was surely going to burn as badly as one he’d take after expelling a dozen back to back gouts of dragon’s breath. He swore if he could see his inner pilot light right now it would be burning white hot not red, yellow or blue. In fact right at this moment he could almost comprehend the human concept of heartburn.

We’ll have more about of the story later but for now lets get on with the issue shall we?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Atticus O’Sullivan &  Granuaile MacTiernan, nor Oberon & Orlaith ( and what characters those last two are!). They are the property of author Kevin Hearne and all found in his Iron Druid series. They are used strictly in a fan fiction sense.

Additionally I neglected to post a disclaimer early on in this piece regarding the Characters of Harry Dresden (aka Wizard Dresden or Warden Dresden), Major General Toot-toot and the Faire Army. Again I do not own the rights to these characters they are the intellectual property of Jim Butcher and his The Dresden Files series of novels. They too are used strictly in a fan fiction sense.

As for the recipe for Apple Ginger Beer, its real and that I do own as do I own the concept of the magical jug and the drink known as An déantóir na giúmar maith’ in the old tongue, The Maker of Good Moods” .

Thanks to my darling Molly for pointing out my accidental omission of this disclaimer ( with a slap to the back o me head)  and its necessity to keep both authors from writing their next works about the ugly hideous and painful demise of one Lethal Leprechaun. Or  even worse turning loose a pack of Ghoul like lawyers on me.





No worries lad- then it still won’t be a wasted life. Frustrated maybe but not wasted. ‘Tis the chase that’s 90% o’ the fun after all!



GUN CONTROL – Bruce Willis, Ice T, Sandy Hook victim, Veteran, speak up –


Ask yourselves-  Do you really think that a Government that…

A. Experimented nuclear radiation on US soldiers ( Exercise Desert Rock I)
B. Conducted a biological warfare experiment releasing whooping cough bacteria (1955)
C. Smuggled Nazi war criminals into U.S (operation Paperclip).
D. Experimented mind control on unwitting citizens (MK-Ultra).
E. Smuggled firearms to Mexican drug cartels (Fast and Furious).
F. etc… [Iran Contra, Benghazi, Watergate, Veto of Keystone XL Pipeline, Iranian Nuclear Deal or pick from anyone of a hundred others – L.L.]

Really cares about YOUR WELL BEING?  Think Again!

Then, what’s the real reason behind “GUN CONTROL”?

290 million people killed by government

USSR          1917-1987               61,911,000  Killed by Gov’t

Germany      1933-1945              20,946,000  Killed by Gov’t

Japan           1936-1945                5,964,000  Killed by Gov’t

Cambodia     1975-1979                2,035,000  Killed by Gov’t

China (PRC)  1949-1987              76,702,000  Killed by Gov’t

Western Colonialism (combined)   50,000,000  Killed by Gov’t

…and on and on.

The United States Gov’t has stockpiled 1.6 BILLION hollow point bullets.  Why?

George Mason said it well…
“To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.”

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Protect our 2nd Amendment. Protect your right to defend yourselves!


Shawn James | American Hearts (In A Wolf Sanctuary) – A. A. Bondy Cover

Watch what incredible thing happens after these two guys start singing in a wolf sanctuary!



Happens to Impish ALL the time reading my issues!

Obama rejects Canada-to-U.S. Keystone pipeline

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has rejected Canadian energy giant TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

That’s according to three sources familiar with the decision who aren’t authorized to comment publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The decision caps a 7-year saga that became one of the biggest environmental flashpoints of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Killing the pipeline allows Obama to claim aggressive action on the environment. That could strengthen his hand as world leaders prepare to finalize major global climate pact next month that Obama hopes will be a crowning jewel for his legacy.

Yet it also puts the president in a direct confrontation with Republicans and energy advocates that will almost surely spill over into the 2016 presidential election.




Verified No BS




ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.


CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.


ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney


ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood


CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.  Think there might be a little bias in the news ?   This may also explain the cover up of Benghazi , etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,…….. 

Isn’t it interesting that every place you look in Obama’s administration people fill positions because of who they know, not what they know or how competent they are —- and you wonder why our country has so many problems.



An Irishman and his dog walk into a pub…


THAT boys and girls is an Irish Wolf Hound. A SMALL one by the look o’ it.

Police could soon be strapping this little gadget to their guns

Law enforcement is a job full of risks. When officers head off to work each day, their lives are in danger. It’s something that just comes with the job.

For police, a situation can turn deadly in the blink of an eye. Decisions must be made in split seconds, and calling for backup isn’t always an option.

This was the case for Detective Sgt. Loran “Butch” Baker, and Detective Elizabeth Butler, two officers who were killed in the line of duty. With almost 40 years of experience between them, the pair was investigating a possible assault when the assailant suddenly began firing. Sadly, the two were killed before they could request any backup.

The tragedy led Santa Cruz County Sheriff Phil Wowak to begin questioning if the event could have been avoided. He wondered if there was a way that help could have been called automatically, and that’s when he discovered Yardarm.

Yardarm is a small sensor that fits into the butt of police firearms. It works a lot like a FitBit, only instead of tracking steps, it tracks the motion of the gun. The sensor detects when the firearm has been unholstered and if it was fired. When triggered, it reports a time stamp and GPS location for where the event occurred, allowing backup to be notified immediately.

The developers of Yardarm are hoping to take the technology even further. In the few past years, several instances of police cruelty and excessive force have been in the news—the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, just to name a few. These events have placed law enforcement officers right in the spotlight, and under extreme scrutiny.

Because of this, many police departments are exploring ways to better protect their officers, as well as the public. Purchasing body cameras for every officer seems to be the most popular option, but that causes many officers to be concerned for their own rights to privacy.

This is where Yardarm believes it can help. The developers plan on improving the sensors so they sync with body cameras. Doing so would allow the camera to be turned on in the event a weapon was drawn, providing critical details of the shooting.

See more about the technology here: http://www.yardarmtech.com/



With Thanksgiving looming next week I thought I’d give you a couple of easy to make but serves a lot of people dessert ideas

Pumpkin Pie Bars


  • 10 min prep time
  • 2 hr. 30 min total time
  • 9 ingredients
  • 12 servings


1 can Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dough sheet
2 eggs
1 can (15 oz) pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) or homemade pumpkin puree
1 cup whipping cream
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
1/2 teaspoon salt
Sweetened whipped cream or additional pumpkin pie spice for garnish


  1. Heat oven to 350°F. Line 11×7-inch pan with cooking parchment paper, leaving about 1 to 2 inches paper hanging over sides of pan.

  2. Unroll 1 can Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dough sheet in bottom of pan; press with fingers in bottom and up sides. Set aside.

  3. In large bowl, beat 2 eggs, 1 can (15 oz) pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix), 1 cup whipping cream, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, 1/4 cup corn syrup, 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice and 1/2 teaspoon salt with whisk until smooth and well blended. Pour mixture into pan over dough.

  4. Bake on middle oven rack 45 to 50 minutes or until center is set. Remove from oven to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 1 hour 30 minutes.

  5. Using hanging paper, lift from pan. Cut into 4 rows by 3 rows to make 12 bars or 4 rows by 4 rows to make 16 bars. Garnish each bar with whipped cream or a dusting of pumpkin pie spice. Store in refrigerator.

These are great for the people who like to nibble a whole bunch of desserts or those who like pumpkin pie filling but hate the crust

Peach Slab Pie


  • 20 min prep time
  • 2 hr  total time
  • 6 ingredients
  • 24 servings


1 box refrigerated pie crusts, softened as directed on box
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
2 tablespoons lemon juice
9 cups frozen sliced peaches, thawed and drained (from 4 10-oz bags)
1/2 roll  refrigerated sugar cookie


  1. Heat oven to 375°F. Remove pie crusts from pouches. On lightly floured surface, unroll and stack crusts one on top of the other. Roll to 17×12-inch rectangle. Fit crust into ungreased 15x10x1-inch pan, pressing into corners. Fold extra crust even with edges of pan. Crimp edges.

  2. In large bowl, mix brown sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice. Stir in peaches to coat. Spoon mixture into crust-lined pan. Break cookie dough half into coarse crumbs; sprinkle evenly over filling. (Wrap and refrigerate other half of cookie dough for another use.)

  3. Bake 55 to 60 minutes or until crust is golden brown and filling is bubbling. Cool on rack 45 minutes. Cut and serve.

I’m not so sure the 24 servings on this is realistic I’m guessing more like 12 to 18.



The Top 5 Rejected Presidential Primary Candidate Merchandise

5. Martin O’Malley “Hello, I’m…” nametags
4. Hillary Clinton hard drives
3, The Benjamin Carson West Point Scholarship
2. Rick Santorum tipless condoms

And the Number One Rejected Presidential Primary Candidate Merchandise…

1. Ben Carson sedatives




Hamtramck elects Muslim-majority city council

Hamtramck makes history by becoming the first city in the U.S. to have a Muslim majority on its City Council, as Yemenis and Bangladeshis replace Poles.

Hamtramck residents have elected a Muslim majority to the city’s six-member city council, symbolizing the demographic changes that have transformed the city once known for being a Polish Catholic enclave.

In Tuesday’s election — with six candidates running for three seats — the top three vote-getters were Muslim, while the bottom three were non-Muslim. Two of the Muslim candidates, Anam Miah and Abu Musa, are incumbent city councilmen, while newcomer Saad Almasmari, the top vote-getter, also was elected. The seat of another Muslim incumbent councilman, Mohammed Hassan, was not up for re-election, and incumbent City Councilman Robert Zwolak came in fifth place.

Some believe the city is the first in the U.S. with a Muslim majority on its city council. Four of the six council members will be Muslim: three of them of Bangladeshi descent and one Yemeni.

“Hamtramck has made history,” said Hamtramck community leader Bill Meyer. “The election was far from close, with the three Muslim winners each gaining over 1,000 votes, while the other three candidates garnered less than 700 votes each.”

Councilman Musa, who came in second place, told the Free Press that he will work to represent everyone in the city regardless of background.

“I’m a very good Muslim,” said Musa, an immigrant from Bangladesh. “I try my best to pray five times (a day), but when I get elected, every single ethnic votes for me, not (only) the Muslim vote for me, but Christians, every single ethnic group, African-Americans, Polish. I’m a good friend of the Polish.”

“I represent every single citizen in Hamtramck,” he said. “I’m serving all city of Hamtramck.”

Formerly known for its Polish population, Hamtramck is now about 24% Arab (mostly Yemeni); 19% African American; 15% Bangladeshi; 12% Polish; and 6% Yugoslavian (many Bosnian), according to U.S. Census figures.

The percentage of residents who are Muslim is unclear since the U.S. Census does not ask about religion. Estimates of the Muslim population range from one-third to more than one-half of city residents.

Almost all of the Yemeni Americans in Hamtramck are Muslim, while the growing Bangaldeshi-American community in Hamtramck has Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. The city has a Bangladeshi Hindu temple and Bangladeshi mosques.

On Friday, Gov. Rick Snyder attended the opening of Bangla Town, an area that will celebrate Bangladeshi-American culture in Hamtramck and bordering Detroit neighborhoods. About 41% of the city are immigrants, the highest percentage among cities in metro Detroit. Pope John Paul II, who was Polish, visited Hamtramck in 1987; a statue of him commemorating his visit is in a city park.

Three of the Muslims on Hamtramck’s City Council are of Bangladeshi descent, while Almasmari is of Yemeni descent. The council’s only other Arab-American Muslim in its history was Abdul Algazali, who died in February.

The issue of Islam has sometimes come up in recent years as the Muslim population grows. After contentious debate, the city allowed in 2004 the Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast publicly five times a day from mosques through loudspeakers.

The call to prayer has drawn complaints from residents who say it’s loud and intrusive, waking them up early and bothering them. City Council candidate Susan Dunn, who came in fourth place, raised the issue during the campaign, prompting a response from Almasmari during a city council meeting last month.

“We all want to live peacefully and respectfully,” he said to the council during the October meeting, according to a video he posted to his Facebook account. “Our special thing is … the diversity in this town.”

Almasmari said the call to prayer “is not as loud as (Dunn) thinks.” Moreover, if “we are considering the call to prayer as noise,” then so would “the loud music all night long while we are sleeping.”

“We as Muslims respect our neighbors and we don’t like to bother anybody,” he said. “As the Prophet Mohammed said: he who believes in Allah and the last day, let him not harm his neighbors.”

Meyer, who is not Muslim, said that Muslims in Hamtramck “have helped bring stability, security and sobriety while lessening the amount of drugs and crime in the city.”

Doesn’t sound too bad on the surface right? Wait it gets rapidly worse.

Muslim political comments about Hamtramck causes concern

A eyebrow-raising video has some in the Hamtramck community concerned about being divided. [Click the link above to see the video]

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – History in Hamtramck as voters elected the first majority Muslim city council in the country.

But rather than ease racial tensions, the comments from a Muslim organizer threaten to divide.
It was a historic moment Tuesday, but followed by a controversial comment that may create or widen the rift between the growing Muslim and shrinking Polish community in Hamtramck.

“Today we show the Polish and everybody else,” said Ibrahim Algahim in cell phone video.

The comments touched a nerve.

It came after Hamtramck voters elected America’s first Muslim majority city council in a town where the Polish community held the power for decades.

Cathie Lisinki-Gordon, a former  councilmember,  was one of Tuesday’s losers and was surprised at the comment.

“I’m shocked that he said that. I’m a very good friend of his,” she said. “I cannot believe that he would ever profile any select group. Especially when his community has felt ostracized and profiled for many years.”

The statement was immediately rebuffed by many present at the Muslim candidates’ victory lab

Saad Almasmari, the top vote getter, was one of them.

I only have one thing to say to the Polish community of Hamtramck with regard to these Muslims ‘showing you now”:

OOGAHWASSA! OOGAHWASSA! Beat them in the head with a big Kielbasa!

The pork content alone will scare the crap out of them!



Remember what I said in the opening banner about why I prefer flying rainbows? Go ahead scroll back and look back I’ll wait… back? Good! Well since that only works for Fairies , the Fae and Leprechauns, here is a little something to help the rest of you out with your TSA groping your privates problem.


You know how humiliating it is passing through TSA security checks these days! You’re tired of having your tingly parts felt up by $7 an hour perverts and waiting in long, hot lines full of fellow American would-be terrorists and Jews! Now AngryWhiteImam Products, Inc. has the answer!

It’s the ‘Muslim For A Minute” TSA Disguise!’ Now you can easily bypass the long, insulting TSA security lines waiting to be groped by using your very own ‘Muslim For A Minute’ costume! That’s right! In seconds you can change your appearance from an mild-mannered infidel to the most hardened Muslim terrorist!

The Muslim For A Minute TSA disguise comes complete with:

– One disposable black burqa
– One Hijab head covering
– One authentic looking Koran cover to put over your latest novel
– One pair of sandals with patented “Dust of Mecca” coating
– Four pounds of authentic looking temporary body hair (*three pounds for women’s disguise)
– One can of goat scent that will frighten away even the most determined TSA agent
– One CAIR membership card

With your Muslim For A Minute disguise, you’ll be easily able to pass by TSA without a care! If an agent mistakenly pulls you aside for inspection, you can flash your CAIR card, shout “Islamaphobia” and go on your way! It’s as easy as decapitating a Jew! The only thing the TSA hates more than bombs on jets is being called Islamophobic by Muslims dedicated to killing Americans by putting bombs on jets!

So why go through long lines and invasive pat downs with all those ordinary Jews and Christians? With your ‘Muslim For A Minute’ costume, you’ll declare a politically correct jihad on time-wasting pat downs by unemployable TSA goons! Once through the TSA checkpoint, you can easily dispose of your ‘Muslim For A Minute’ disguise and return to being a regular Satanic infidel dog!

But wait, there’s more!!! If you order now, we’ll throw in your very own bomb vest crafted by hand in Syria by real ISIS Imams! It’s so compact only you will know you’re wearing it as you will be safely ushered through the long lines of infidel travelers waiting to receive their full-body inspections!

But wait!!! There’s still more!! Act now and you’ll receive not one…but two beheading knives! They slice, they dice, they circumcise! (female circumcision only, please!)

Don’t waste your valuable travel time being stripped searched or having your naked body scans placed on the internet! You’ll look and smell so authentically Muslim in your ‘Muslim In A Minute’ disguise that you’ll be praising Allah and shouting Shama Lama Ding Dong as you board the plane!

So call now and get your Muslim For A Minute TSA disguise for only $19.99!!** Our operators are standing….bye!

**AK-47 and IED exploding device sold separately.


Eskimo with a Turbo on his dog sled.


VIRAL VIDEO: University of Louisville swim team has fun at the airport

Team was stuck at North Carolina airport for seven hours.


The University of Louisville swim and dive team decided to have some fun with the people movers at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

The team was stuck at the airport for seven hours and chose to make the funny video.

Since posting it on Facebook, the video has been viewed close to 2 million times.


I’m worried that one of these days our Mythical Creatures Vet will say that about poor Impish! Wait! You don’t think it’s already happened do you? It would explain so much!


Man Was “Packing” And Wearing Hoodie When Cop Pulls Him Over… Media Refuses To Report Story

12193414_1010278339022221_4419351379650573433_nA black man wearing a hoodie and carrying a gun was recently pulled over by police Tuesday [10/27/2015] because his vehicle had a broken headlight. No one was killed or injured during during their exchange and that’s probably why you won’t hear about it in the mainstream news.

Steven Hildreth was headed to work when Tuscon, Arizona, police officers pulled him over for a broken headlight.

Hildreth was wearing a hoodie and was also carrying a concealed weapon — two things that would land him in a heap of trouble if you believe the current narrative about police brutality against black men.

However, instead of a violent confrontation, these men had a respectful exchange that ended well.

Hildreth, a member of the National Guard, is legally able to carry a concealed weapon. Hildreth also respects the law, so when he was pulled over, he complied with the police.

When asked if he had a weapon, he told the officers he did. They removed the weapon for the safety of everyone involved as they ran Hildreth’s license and registration.

They left Hildreth a bit shocked when he returned.


“I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities,” Hildreth wrote.

“Maybe … just maybe … that notion is bunk,” he added. “Maybe if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you.”

Please share this story  to spread some positive news regarding the police and how they handled this American citizen with respect.

  Wow imagine that, a Black man with a gun treated a police encounter where he was guilty of doing something wrong with calm, respect and  co-operation.  In response he received the same in return.

Make you wonder when the gang bangers, the ‘yo gots to be showin’ me sum respect while I disrespect you’ crowd, the ‘I ain’t taking responsibility fo muh crime but don’t tase or shoot me when I attack yo azz ta be makin muh getaway bro’ posse and the ‘Black Live Matter liberal entitlement/payroll ‘crowd are going to wake the hell up!

Seriously! How hard is the so old its literally biblical concept ‘that which ye sow so shall ye reap’ to fricken understand?



Well that’s it for the week folks…What? Huh? OH! THE STORY! Okay, here’s the rest of it. Quitcherbitchin already sheesh!


Still smiling mischievously, eyes twinkling with mirth Lethal in full brogue asked, for the obvious benefit of the table, “Is the punch not to you’re liking Impish darlin’?”

“Wha…wha…wheeze…what the hell is that stuff? An organic paint stripper?” queried Impish peering suspiciously into his tankard.

Atticus replies with faux indignation ‘Tis an ancient recipe handed down master to apprentice in our profession for thousands of years…and I can say that with great certainty. I will not give it away, but to say it contains Mead, Honey Wine, Hard Cider, Apple Jack and Poteen which is the Irish version of Moonshine among other things. We call it ‘An déantóir na giúmar maith’ in the old tongue, The Maker of Good Moods”

“I didn’t know the profession of  house painting had been around” so long mumbled Impish as he again sniffed his tankard before taking a much smaller more cautious sip only to discover that in addition to everything else, the drink was apparently also effervescent. Not only that, but he discovered that he had no need to swallow it, for as he was rolling it around his tongue to get the full flavor profile, it seemed to seep right into his tongue. Impish knew this was a sign that it had such low a vapor point the heat of his own body, which was several degrees higher than a human’s, had caused it to vaporize right in his mouth. Granuaile chuckled at this while taking several swallows from her tankard much to Impish’s amazement. “Mayhap its that forked tongue of your doubling the impact it has.” she suggested merrily.

Impish reached to help himself to a sausage, some bread and cheese hoping to slow the burn presently eating it’s way through his first stomach with food. “I’m pretty sure you in violation of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act by transporting that stuff in an unmarked non fire proof container.”

“Bah!” retorted Atticus, ” I don’t see a single one of the 5 or 6 placards that should be affixed to you to be legally in compliance with the HMTUS when moving about Dragon. Besides, the jug is actually empty. It only fills when we pour from it and then only enough ta fill the tankards o’ those present. ‘Tis how we insure that the recipe remains our secret.”

Impish takes another cautious sip and finds each one burns slightly less. Before he can say anything else Lethal interrupts him. “I asked Atticus and Granuaile here to consult on your campground’s….defacement problem. They were kind enough to offer to pick up your family and the Dire Wolves to see them safely transported here by a means as far as we can tell is thus far blocked to Hillary and her ASSHAT minions.”

“So you’re what then, some sort of magical lawn and landscaping business?” ask Impish before he even thought the better of it. Frowning at the tankard which was now only about half empty he pushed it away, turning to beckon one of the disguised as wait staff virgins over requesting one of the beverages Lethal had come up with for the party, an Apple Ginger Beer. He looked back at the two robed figures and said “My  sincere apologies. I meant no affront. Clearly that is not a drink fit for Dragons or at least not this one, as I generally have manners much better than that. You brought my family to me safely in times of severe threat and deserve my thanks and gratitude, not my sass and attitude.”

“No offense is taken, while inaccurate, your categorization is not totally off base, just extreme in its over simplification. You could accurately say we’re Naturalists, experts on the subject without peers. Magical ones in fact.”

“So then your Dr…”  Impish’s question is sudden cut off by a bullet pass completion of a Nerf football  from Lethal’s costume to his open mouth. “Ixnay on the ‘D’ word Impish. There are those of serious power and muscle who would like to see these two dead as badly as Hillary wants us out of the picture. Understand? They’re just Atticus and Granuaile a couple friends of mine who stopped by to join our celebration with their very large very fierce and capable hunting dogs. Very large very fierce and very capable hunting dogs. Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?”

Impish nods before quaffing his Apple Ginger Beer deeply while sparing a sidelong glance at the two dogs whose attention is now focused on him. He swallows deliberately a final time. “I’ve got it. But seriously Lethal, there really should be a briefing memo on what is and isn’t permissible to say around you friends before new ones arrive. So many have do’s and don’ts that are too easy to run afoul of.”

To Impish’s shock Lethal erupts into howls of laughter. Wiping his eye he says “That is quite true Impish and had I meant for you to be apart of this impromptu meeting I’d have briefed you. However your point is well taken for the next time.”

“You’re unusually happy and relaxed. Maybe you should keep that jug around and intersperse your cups of coffee with tankards of it on a daily basis.” responds Impish as he looks around suspiciously. Usually when Lethal is in this good a mood, Impish is about to be the fall guy in some prank or joke of Lethal’s devising. Halloween and the party in particular would be a perfect time for such a thing my Lethal’s devious standards.

“Why shouldn’t I be happy? I’ve learned Obama will, in the coming week, shoot literally every Democrat’s campaign in the foot by vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline. This will have the effect of hijacking the entire election making it about Energy, American Independence from Foreign Oil, American Jobs and the failing of the American Oil Industry as a whole, all subjects Republicans love.

I’ve gained solid evidence of a conspiracy of nepotism &/or an old boys network between the White House and the Liberal Lame/Blame Stream Media which I’m going to make public Wednesday. Hamtrack, a Detroit suburb has elected a Muslim majority City Council that’s already making noise about finally sticking it to and showing the Polish community majority, which will also wind up hurting the liberals and their let everybody in and give them entitlements so they vote for us practices.

I spent a good part of the day in contact with some of my more esoteric research resources and learned how Hillary is controlling the Flying Monkeys. Seems there is  an object, namely Gayelette’s Golden Cap required to control them and a pretty large limitation on that control. That information has been passed on successfully to a faction calling themselves ‘Friends of Fred’ who are already taking steps to achieve a measure of vengeance for Fred’s death and at the same time hopefully remedy this situation.

Finally your campground now shows no signs of the damage it did earlier from the attack and has gained a ‘protector’ of a sort. OH! And here’s a briefing bullet point on that for you:

Absolutely no major alterations or digging of any kind whatsoever in the Campground or the surrounding forest at any time under any circumstances w/o first letting me know so that Atticus or Granuaile can be present for it. Failure to heed this is a sure recipe for a major batch of unpleasantness that I will not be able to do anything for you about.

I’d say that’s not a bad half a Saturday’s work and that while Hillary might see last night as winning the battle by the end of Wednesday’s issue we’ll have come back nicely and be well on our way to winning the war. All in all certainly reason a a rather jovial outlook and a wee bit of celebrating, wouldn’t you say my friend?” said Lethal holding his tankard up as if in toast towards Impish.

Impish stared at Lethal for a moment digesting all that he’d just heard, then looked down at his half full Apple Ginger Beer. Sudden he reached out and grabbed his old tankard refilling his Apple Ginger Beer to full from it. Banging his against the other three, he happily responds “I’ll can drink to that pal, I’ll can sure as hell drink to that.”

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Atticus O’Sullivan &  Granuaile MacTiernan, nor Oberon & Orlaith. They are the property of author Kevin Hearne and all found in his Iron Druid series. They are used strictly in a fan fiction sense.

Additionally I neglected to post a disclaimer early on in this piece regarding the Characters of Harry Dresden (aka Wizard Dresden or Warden Dresden), Major General Toot-toot and the Faire Army. Again I do not own the rights to these characters they are the intellectual property of Jim Butcher and his The Dresden Files series of novels.

As for the recipe for Apple Ginger Beer, its real and that I do own as do I own the concept of the magical jug and the drink known as An déantóir na giúmar maith’ in the old tongue, The Maker of Good Moods” .

Thank to my darling Molly for pointing out my accidental omission of this disclaimer and its necessity to keep both authors from writing their next works about the ugly hideous and painful demise of one Lethal Leprechaun. Or  even worse turning loose a pack of Ghoul like lawyers on me.

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DL-LL Special Mini Roast Edition- Happy Birthday PaulK9

Dragon & D20 Birthday Cake

OK I’ve got to make this fast as I’m slightly late with this due to a serious of call outs this weekend leaving me way behind schedule dog tired (why do call outs on weekends only happen even after the bars have sense enough to close for the night?) and the resulting sleep deprived slight absence of mind until I got most of a pot of coffee in me. Not only that but the other reason for making this opening fast is I don’t know how much longer Paul will be up and awake at his age.

None of this however diminishes the heartfelt wishes that go into us here at DL-LL Digital Media Enterprises Saying-

Sparkling Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Patron Reader PaulK9!

According to his wife Ginny this is a baby picture of PaulK9. While I have my doubts he was ever this good looking even as a baby, I’m in no position to argue with her about it.


I understand you’re in for a treat tonight Paul, Ginny told me she’s going to cook you that pork chop that’s been hanging around your neck so the dog would play with you!

But seriously, from all of us here at DL-LL Digital Media Enterprises all the best on you special day.

And now, a few words from you’re alter ego/ nickname!

Happy Birthday Baby!

And now here’s Impish to help you put out that bonfire you’re passing off as a birthday cake!



And now a birthday wish from a few of your intellectual peers!


Be sure to leave your best wishes for PaulK9 in the comment section!

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Dragon Laffs #1461


Good Morning Campers,

Okay, I gotta talk about this right up front.  Wasn’t Lethal Leprechaun’s Veteran’s Day Special Issue something truly extraordinary?  I got to the second video and I had tears on my cheeks and my voice cracked badly as I sang along with Lewis Shaeffer and his amazing a cappella performance of the entire Star Spangled Banner.  Truly heart touching!

And the song, “The Eagle Cried”, oh man.  Did that one hurt, deeply.

But the one that hit the hardest, at least for me, was the Food City commercial.  You remember the one, where the grandfather (at least I assumed it was his grandfather) dressed out in his old uniform, in order to welcome his grandson home.  And prior to anything else, a salute was exchanged.  The salute is a tradition of one warrior acknowledging and greeting a fellow warrior.  Those of you who are not familiar with the tradition and camaraderie of the hand salute, may not realize that the way it is supposed to work, the junior (in rank) individual is to salute the senior ranked person.  It looks like the young man is an NCO in the Army, and of course the grandfather is an officer, but if you notice, the grandfather salutes first, signifying his acceptance of someone superior.  But, then in the middle of the salute, the roles reverse and the grandfather ends his salute so that the younger man can end his.  Very symbolic, very honor-filled and very, very heartfelt to me.

But, as Lethal said, the most important piece in the entire issue was the “Homeless Veterans: Stand Down!” It is unbelievable to me how poorly we treat those returning heroes.  I guess you could say that, both of us, Lethal Leprechaun and Impish Dragon are two of the lucky ones.  It could EASILY have been so much different.

Thank you, my comrade, my brother-in-arms, my true and deep friend, Lethal Leprechaun, for putting together this marvelous tribute and again surpassing your previous years, unsurpassable, issues.

Now, before we get started on the laffs, how about we check in on our gang and where we left off last week….

Lethal nods. “Yup.  We got attacked with Flying Flaming Monkey Feces on Devil’s Night. You do sort of have to give her begruging props for going with a reinvented form of a classic prank”
Impish chuckling “Pretty shitty thing for Hillary…OAFF!” Impish holds his ample stomach and glares at Brighid who is mocking Impish with a shame-shame finger gesture.
Lethal smiles. “The Tuatha Dé Danann have pretty high standards, even for humor and puns. They’re not shy about expressing their criticism of a performance either, as you can…feel. You might want to choose your witticisms more carefully and step up your game. On second thought, maybe you should just refrain…less pain that way.”
Having continued to keep moving while they were talking Impish has found himself brought around full circle to the mobile command trailer he first met Lethal outside of upon landing. Lethal and Brighid enter the trailer. As he does, Lethal presses a button and yells to be heard over the hydraulic whine. “Get in, there is something else you need to see. I’m dubious as to this being the originally intended focus point of the attack. I think it became the focus point once Monkey Air started getting worse than they were giving, or after the objective was met and the extraction failed. The Eryl King and Herne the Hunter came across a bunch more diligently and swiftly working mischief in the Campground, no doubt in anticipation of you presenting your issue there the next morning and fell on them before they could complete their mischief.”
Puzzled by this assertion of Lethal’s, Impish shuffles onto the lift gate that moments before had been the ramp into the trailer and it lifts him up so he can shuffle carefully inside the crowded trailer while narrowly avoiding getting his tail folded into the lift gate. He hears  several cries of ‘Mount Up! We’re moving out to the secondary site. Let’s GO people!’ and suddenly they’re moving off. If Impish’s sense of direction and earring based navigation aren’t mistaken they are on the short road from the HQ building to his Campground area. What could have been the goal of attacking it? Short of the pavilion there were no valuable permanent structures and as far as he knew the mine shaft which exited there had been filled in from inside to prevent anyone using it, not that they could get far if they did with all the precautions and false moving walls. Shortly the trailer lurches to a stop. Impish makes to push the button but is restrained by Brighid’s surprisingly strong grip on his shoulder.
“Best to give your warriors a moment to make sure it’s safe and your guard to assemble.”
As Impish turns to nod at her he sees Lethal consulting several screens and pulling down a periscope. Where had he managed to hide that in here? After several times around the clock with a couple of momentary stops Lethal takes his face away and nods in satisfaction as the periscope folds up against the top of the trailer rather than sliding up or down. Seeing Impish’s shocked look he remarks “What? Nobody uses mirrors and optics anymore there are a pair of zoomable multispectral cameras on the roof synced to the periscope which is actually a pair of tiny monitors. The effect is an enhanced life sized 3 D steerable and zoomable image. We’re good and should be…” His comments are interrupted by a fist beating on the side of the trailer 3 times. “just about ready to disembark. If you’d be so kind as to do the honors Impish?”
Once the tailgate has opened into a ramp the three of them quickly march down it into the protective phalanx again. Impish cranes his neck around looking for signs of an attack. While there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of burn marks there is an area with about 20 opaque plastic sheets covering still forms and much of the turf seems to sport the sort of tearing associated with horses wheeling about and moving at great speed as if the Campground had been the site of a polo match.
His attention is drawn by the rustling sound of a tarpaulin firmly anchored and rippling in the breeze. A short distance in front of his pavilion an area about one hundred feet square has been marked off with hazard tape and hidden from view with the blue tarps he heard rustling. Lethal jerks his head in that direction. “Go. That’s what I brought you here to see.”


And perhaps we’ll get to see what Impish was brought to see…later, for now…



Okay, this one is a laugh just for fun…

! BIRDBRAINS Drop-In Template.ai

This one is so bad, we need to track down the person who sent it to me and beat them with a box of lead-lined saltines.

You want to know what a quick thinker and how devious Lethal is?  Read this true story:

One of the pieces of property that Lethal owns is an old farm with lots of property.He had a large pond in the back. It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees.

One evening Lethal decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn’t been there for a while, and look it over.

He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit.

As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee.

As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.

One of the women shouted to him, “We’re not coming out until you leave!’

Lethal Leprechaun frowned, “I didn’t come down here to watch you lasses swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked.”

Holding the bucket up he said, “I just be here to feed the alligator…”


He’s my friggin’ HERO!



I’ve mentioned to you all, many times, that pizza is God’s food.  When we all die and go to heaven, Pizza is going to be one of the few foods that will be available to eat!  You’re damn right that pizza tastes like skinny can go fuck itself.


As some of you may know, my son, the Whelpling, whom we have on the show once or twice, is a semi truck driver.  He tells this story from one of his favorite truck stop waitresses:

 One of our regular patrons, a truck driver, entered the cafe where I worked and hobbled painfully over to a table. “What happened?” I asked.
 “I hurt my back at work,” he explained with a grimace.
 “Gee, I thought those rigs were equipped with cushioned seats, air springs and swivel controls,” I said.
 “The seats are great,” he confirmed. “It’s the ground that hurts…I fell out of my truck.”




That was bloody awful!  ashamed


I’d been working on my business degree for about a year when I finally got to take a popular finance course. I went to the bookstore to buy the text and was shocked to find out that it would cost me $96. I asked how much it was worth if I sold it back at the end of the semester.
 “You’ll get $24,” said the clerk.
 “This is insane,” I protested as I wrote out the check.
 “I know,” replied the clerk sympathetically. “I’ve always thought that a person who buys a book for $96 and then sells it back for $24 should fail the course.”



This picture affected a lot of us.  Me, Lethal, Paul, The Wolf, K2 and several others. 


Sand Dragon

This is one of my favorite pics of all time.  We were all on the beach, one of the ones at the Resort Mountain, and one of our staff members is paid to make sand art for the pleasure of our members.  He also takes the time to teach anyone who is interested in making better sand castles and stuff like that.  Anyway, we didn’t realize he was doing a piece on us until he was about done with it.  That’s me with Diaman and Ginny.  He made them as kids because he said he “captured the child that is in each of them.”  I thought it was pretty good.





Now that I’m older here’s what I’ve discovered:

1. I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

2. My wild oats are mostly enjoyed with prunes and all-bran.

3. I finally got my head together, and now my body is falling apart.

4. Funny, I don’t remember being absent-minded.

5. Funny, I don’t remember being absent-minded.

6. If all is not lost, then where the heck is it?

7. It was a whole lot easier to get older, than to get wiser.

8. Some days, you’re the top dog, some days you’re the hydrant; the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

9. I wish the buck really did stop here. I sure could use a few of them.

10. Kids in the back seat cause accidents.

11. Accidents in the back seat cause kids.

12. It’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anywhere.

13. The world only beats a path to your door when you’re in the bathroom.

14. If God wanted me to touch my toes, he’d have put them on my knees.

15. When I’m finally holding all the right cards, everyone wants to play chess.

16. It’s not hard to meet expenses . . . they’re everywhere.

17. The only difference between a rut, and a grave is the depth.

18. These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the hereafter . .

I go somewhere to get something, and then wonder what I’m “here after”.

19. Funny, I don’t remember being absent-minded.





 A comely redhead was thrilled to have obtained a divorce and dazzled by the skill and virtuosity of her lawyer, not to mention his healthy income and good looks. In fact, she realized, she had fallen head over heals in love with him, even though he was a married man.
 “Oh, Sam,” she sobbed at the conclusion of the trial, “isn’t there some way we can be together, the way we were meant to be?”
 Taking her by the shoulders, Sam proceeded to scold her, “Snatched drinks in grimy bars on the edge of town, lying on the phone, hurried meetings in sordid motels rooms – is that really what you want for us?”
 “No, no…” she sobbed, heartsick.
 “Oh,” said the lawyer. “Well, it was just a suggestion.”





Of course, this one was sent in by a woman…in fact…it was sent in by Ginny. 

1. Dogs spend all day sprawled on the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house.
2. They can hear a package of food opening half a block away, but don’t hear you when you’re in the same room.
3. They can look dumb and lovable all at the same time.
4. They growl when they are not happy.
5. When you want to play, they want to play.
6. When you want to be alone, they want to play.
7. They leave their toys everywhere.
Conclusion: They’re tiny men in little fur coats.

Does that sound a little sexist to you?  I know, right!








That, my dear campers, is the PERFECT example of what this president is ALL ABOUT!



And people out there REALLY think this bitch on a broom should be our next president!!!



And THAT, is the perfect example of the rest of the friggin’ administration.



And again, I say, there are people out there who WANT her in charge!



My name is Impish Dragon and I agree with that statement.




The man passed out in a dead faint as he came out of his front door onto the porch.  Someone called 911.
 When the paramedics arrived, they helped him regain consciousness and asked if he knew what caused him to faint.
 “It was enough to make anybody faint,” he said.  “My son asked me for the keys to the garage, and instead of driving the car out, he came out with the lawn mower!”



The Judge’s Tie
At a clearance sale, the wife of a federal district court judge found a green tie that was a perfect match for one of her husband’s sports jackets.
Soon after, while the couple was vacationing at a resort complex to get his mind off a rather complicated cocaine conspiracy case, he noticed a small, round disc sewn into the design of the tie.
The judge showed it to a local FBI agent, who was equally suspicious that it might be a ‘bug’ planted by the conspiracy defendants.  The agent sent the device to FBI headquarters In Washington, DC for analysis.
Two weeks later, the judge phoned the Washington office to learn the results of their tests.
“We’re not sure where the disc came from,” the FBI told him, “but we discovered that when you press it, it plays ‘Jingle Bells.'”





coollogo_com-1769171 (2)


A quick portrait of our last Poker Night.





A group of fellows always enjoyed their game of golf, but one of the boys was having trouble seeing the ball. His friends kept telling him he needed glasses. Finally, he bought himself a pair and his game improved 100%. Back in the clubroom they were talking over a few beers.

“You’re playing better since you got your glasses,” one said.

“You’re right, I look down and the ball’s as big as a basketball, just can’t miss it now,” he said. After a few more beers, he said. “Gotta go to the toilet, be back in a minute.”

When he came back, all the front of his trousers were wet.

“Gee, what happened to you?” his mates asked.

“Don’t know,” he replied, “got in there, pulled it out and it looked too big for mine, so I put it back!”



Okay, so that one should’ve gotten a groaner warning as well, but I can’t do all the work for you guys.  You need to figure some of these out for yourselves.


A born-and-bred New Yorker is in the country when he sees a field of animals and says to the farmer. “What a strange looking cow. Why doesn’t it have horns?”
 “Well, there are several reasons,” the farmer replies. “Some cows get their horns late, while others have their horns cut off, and still others never even grow horns.”
 “And this cow?” the city man asks.
 “Well, the reason this cow doesn’t have any horns is because it’s a horse.”



And the eternal question is, Why the hell can’t you put the seat down yourselves?  Okay, the seat is down and we want to use it, we put the seat up and when done, you expect us to put the seat back down again.
But, if the seat is up and you want to use it, why do you get mad?  Put the damn seat down and do you business.  And quite frankly, if you leave it down (or up for that matter) it really doesn’t matter to us…one way OR the other.








And what did we learn from the last two pictures?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?
We learned to not fuck with cats; they have wicked fast skills.




At home at Lethal Leprechaun’s house



Ninja Kitties at work…


Interesting Colgate Advertisement!
Do not glance at the end until you have looked at the three photos!
Pay close attention to each scene.  Tricky Colgate has created
a very ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss.
But…. before I explain to you the main detail of these images,
I will let you observe them quietly on your own.




All right! Now that you’ve had time to quietly observe the images!!!
*   In the first photograph, you might have noticed that the woman has six fingers on her left hand.
*   In the second photograph, a phantom arm is floating behind the man.
*   In the third photograph, the man has only one ear.
The campaign attained its purpose.
It proved that food debris on your teeth draws more attention than any physical defect does.
How well did you do??
You failed the whole thing?
 So did I !!  
So now you know that no matter what physical “defect” you might feel self-conscious about,  just stick a chunk of spinach between your front teeth and no one will notice anything else about you!



It’s all about the camera angle.


Talk about not being able to follow directions!

A water Bed in a German furniture store.

Note that the sign says NOT to get on the bed, but oh well..the best way to motivate people

to do something is to put up a sign saying
Turn on speakers and watch people trying out the water bed.
It’s in German, but that only makes it funnier.
Watch for the last two ladies !



Oh, so he’s going to my doctor.


Okay, so I don’t know if the part about the Washington Post is correct, but in all honesty, who cares?  It’s still funny as hell

The Washington Post runs a weekly contest in its Style section called the ‘Style Invitational’. 
The requirements this week were to use the two words ‘Lewinsky’ (the Intern) and ‘Kaczynski’ (the Unabomber) in the same limerick.  
The following winning entries were actually printed verbatim in the newspaper, no bleeps or xxxs:

Third place:
There once was a girl named Lewinsky 
Who played on a flute like Stravinsky
‘Twas ‘Hail to the Chief’
On this flute made of beef
That stole the front page from Kaczynski.

Second place:
Said Clinton to young Ms. Lewinsky, 
We don’t want to leave clues like Kaczynski,
Since you made such a mess,
Use the hem of your dress
And please wipe that stuff off your chinsky.

And the winning entry:
Lewinsky and Clinton have shown 
What Kaczynski must surely have known,
That an intern is better
Than a bomb in a letter,
When deciding how best to be blown




Sometime this year, we taxpayers will again receive another ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment.

This is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q & A format:

Q. What is an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment ?

A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.

Q.Where will the government get this money ?

A. From taxpayers.

Q. So the government is giving me back my own money ?

A. Only a smidgen of it.

Q. What is the purpose of this payment ?

A. The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a ; high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.

Q. But isn’t that stimulating the economy of China ?

A. Shut up.

Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U.S. Economy by spending your stimulus check wisely:

* If you spend the stimulus money at Wal-Mart, the money will ; go to China or Sri Lanka .

* If you spend it on gasoline, your money will go to the Arabs.

* If you purchase a computer, it will go to India , Taiwan or ; China …

* If you purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to Mexico , Honduras and Guatemala …

* If you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea .

* If you purchase useless stuff, it will go to Taiwan .

* If you pay your credit cards off, or buy stock, it will go      ;   to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore.

Instead, keep the money in America by:

1) Spending it at yard sales, or

2) Going to ball games, or

3) Spending it on prostitutes, or

4) Beer or

5) Tattoos.

(These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S. )


Go to a ball game with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day !

No need to thank me, I’m just glad I could be of help




With all this transgender talk going on, I feel it’s time I share my secret…
I’m transfinancial, which means that I am a rich man born in a poor man’s body…
Please send me your money so I can fix my financial identity issue.







Inevitable Defeat

Infinite Space



I was sitting at a long stop light yesterday, thinking about what I would do to keep busy during retirement, minding my own business and patiently waiting for the light to turn green, even though there was no on-coming traffic.
An old Nissan full of bearded, young, loud Muslims, shouting Anti-American slogans, with a half-burned American Flag duct-taped on the trunk of their car, and a “Remember 9-11” slogan spray painted on the side, stopped next to me.
Suddenly they yelled, “Allah Akbar! Praise Allah! Death to America” and
took off before the light changed.
Out of nowhere an 18-wheeler truck came speeding through the intersection and ran directly over their car, crushing it completely and killing everyone in it.
For several minutes I sat in my car thinking to myself,
Man, that could have been me!”
So today, bright and early, I went out and got a job as a truck driver!





1.  ARBITRATOR – A cook that leaves Arbys to work at McDonalds.
2.  BERNADETTE – The act of torching a mortgage.
3.  BURGLARIZE – What a crook sees through.
4.  AVOIDABLE – What a bullfighter tries to do.
5.  COUNTERFEITER – Workers who put together kitchen cabinets.
6.  LEFT BANK – What the bank robbers did when their bag was full of money.
7.  HEROES – What a man in a boat does.
8.  PARASITES – What you see from the Eiffel Tower.
9.  PARADOX – Two physicians.
10. PHARMACIST – A helper on a farm.
11.  RELIEF – What trees do in the spring.
12. RUBBERNECK – What you do to relax your wife.
13.  SELFISH – What the owner of a seafood store does.
14.  SUDAFED – Brought litigation against a government official.



Okay, so I just reviewed this issue, and the damn thing is HUGE!!!!  I hope you guys are enjoying reading it, I think it’s probably at least an hour since we got started here and we still have a little bit left to go through.  So, let’s get back to it again.


This is a wonderful post by a very smart girl…

Brilliant Missouri Student Makes Facebook Post About the Protests

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that the University of Missouri has taken a beating with all the protests about racial insensitivity.

The whole situation began because an inebriated student began using racial slurs, which led to members of the football team refusing to practice or play.

The University of Missouri system’s president, Tim Wolfe, and chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, were forced to resign thanks to radicals who deemed the school had done little to combat racism.

Here’s a fantastic take by a female student at Mizzou regarding the current situation…

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.30.54 PM

Strong words, but factual.

Because of the actions of a few, everyone gets punished. Or, the motto by which liberals live their lives.

The president and chancellor may have “resigned,” but that’s only because the football team earns so much cash that they couldn’t afford to have to forfeit games. So really, they were pushed out for being white males who looked the other way – or whatever.

This situation should prove that political correctness ruins everything.



Okay, so someone put a LOT of effort into this video, and even though it’s actually an ad for Trump, you still need to watch this…especially those of you of the military persuasion.


This is an oldie, but goodie.  I like it a lot.

Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me again, asking why I didn’t do something useful with my time.
“Like sitting around the pool and drinking wine is not a good thing?” I asked.
Talking about my  “doing-something-useful”  seems to be her favorite topic of conversation.
She was  “only thinking of me”, she said and suggested that I go down to the Senior Center and hang out with the guys.
I did this and when I got home last night, I decided to play a prank on her.
I e-mailed her and told her that I had joined a Parachute Club.
She replied,  “Are you nuts?  You are 78 years old and now you’re going to start jumping out of airplanes?”
I told her that I even got a Membership Card and e-mailed a copy to her.
She immediately telephoned me and yelled, “Good grief, Mum, where are your glasses?
This is a Membership to a Prostitute Club, not a Parachute Club.”
“Oh man, I’m in trouble again,” I said, “I really don’t know what to do. I signed up for five jumps a week!!”
The line went quiet and her friend picked up the phone and said that my daughter had fainted.
Life as a Senior Citizen is not getting any easier, but sometimes it can be fun.



Tom in deep thoughts is sitting calm, very quiet.

Jerry asks, “What is wrong with you, Tom?”

“Please don’t ask.”

“I am your childhood friend. Talk to me.”

“My seven year old son made my secretary pregnant.”

“That’s not possible.”

“No, he did.”

“How’s that possible?”

“He punctured my condoms!”





Let’s tune back in to our heroes before we leave today’s issue and see where they are


Impish  wends his way around those busy tending to the scene and sticks his head in between two of the tarps. The monkeys seem to have used their natural incendiary to form a pattern of burnt lines in the sod, though Impish can’t discern any appreciable pattern to them. It appears that, what ever they were doing, Lethal was right, they were interrupted before it was completed. He pulls his head back out of the tarps at the nudge in his side and looks down at Lethal.
“Did you see it? The message? Could you spot it even if its not finished?”
Impish pokes his head in again for another look but still doesn’t see whatever it is that Lethal apparently sees in the seemingly random burnt lines in the sod. Withdrawing his head a second time he shakes it silently.
Lethal thrusts a tablet at him, “Here maybe the advantage of an aerial prospective will help clarify it.” While it really doesn’t help Impish he gets a faint impression of…incomplete letters?
“A message? They were burning letters into the sod to send us a message? Why here at the campground and what message?”
Lethal points at the tablet and mimics a tapping motion as he busies himself with donning two layers of latex gloves before accepting a sealed can from one of the Hazmat team. Impish recognizes it as Hazmat sample container. Mean time Impish taps the tablet’s screen as he was directed and sees the image is actually the start of an animation. Lines of fire appear one after another to complete the pattern until the message can clearly be seen to read “R.I.P. Fred”.
“Rest in Peace Fred? We haven’t had a Fred on the payroll since Freddy the Fire Salamander feel asleep down in the geothermal chamber, rolled into the magma pool and spontaneously combusted, what? Five or six years ago? So who is Fred? And why RIP him here?”
Lethal reaches out and finger swipes the screen, not an easy feat considering the latex gloves. A photo of a very much looking like death warmed over Fred Thompson appears on the screen. Speaking so softly that Impish has to lower his head and strain to hear him even being so close to him Lethal says in a flat tone- “Fred is former Republican Senator Fred Thompson from Tennessee. He…”
Nodding Impish interupts him “I remember him now! Sometimes actor sometime politician. Better actor than politician, he broke both our hearts with his failed 2008 Republican Primary performance. Man he sure looks like hell, even for a guy his age. But still why RIP him here? He’s not even dead yet as far as I know!”
Lethal glowers at Impish who suddenly and wisely runs out of questions to voice. “He was diagnosed several years before his 2008 run with lymphoma but beat it. It was in remission and he was tested regularly always coming back negative. Then suddenly a couple months back it reappears but 50 times more aggressively. Tore through the stages like a drag racer through gears coming off the line. They could slow it some, but not stop it. After this” (Lethal holds up the can) “was found here last night I called Fred, or at least I tried. I got his wife. Fred’s in a bad way. It’s end game and the doctors give him about 72 hours.”
Impish’s eyes open wide at the news, then narrow to regard the can suspiciously. He swallows and asks “The can. What is in it? What was found here?”
Lethal opens the can with great care that Impish has only previously associated with Lethal’s handling of rare and old Irish whiskey bottles. Then using a pair of tongs from inside the can he gently coaxes out an evidence bag part way to show Impish a doll. Turning the doll so Impish can see the face it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Fred Thompson Impish remembers from Law & Order. Impish can also make out that the doll seems to be soaked in something and that something is reacting with the evidence bag. It appears to be slowly eating at it.  Quickly Lethal places the doll back in the container followed by the tongs followed by the outer layer of latex gloves before placing the lid back on tightly and handing it off to the Hazmat man hovering nearby who applies several seals to the can labeled “Danger Extreme Biohazard”.
Carefully striping off the second set of gloves by turning them inside out and dropping them in another hazmat bag Lethal begins, “One of Eryl Kings Hell Hounds found the doll, it was apparently just sitting on the edge of the pavilion. The hound retrieved it, managing to drop it at the feet of Eryl King’s steed just before the hound died…horribly by all accounts. Wisely the Eyrl King chose not to touch it or his hound and sent Herne for me. Lab analysis of a swabbing of the doll suggests it is saturated in a hell’s broth of 13 of the most toxic and deadly carcinogens known to man. Toxic and deadly enough to outright kill a magical creature who was a single day off from the height of its magical power and in contact with it for mere seconds.”
“So you’re saying this is another instance of remote control murder/ death by mysterious circumstance at he behest of Hillary? But why? After he embarrassed himself in 2008 his political capitol was spent, there was no way he could ever have been any threat to Hillary politically. Was she repaying some long held grudge? And why dump the doll here? She had to know you’d figure it out. I hate to say it pal, but the method sounds like some Machiavellian plot you’d come up with…except for the voodoo angle and the leaving behind of direct evidentiary links pointing to you.”
“Fred was far from done with politics. He’d just traded in the limelight for the shadows.”
“Remember your first visit to D.R.A.G.O.N. HQ ? You saw me arguing with a bunch of nearly dark screens about how I was handling you? You might have thought they were blank except for the occasional sense of movement in the darkness.”
Impish nods recalling how the scene sort of creeped him out as well but doesn’t mention this to his clearly upset at Fred Thompsons death friend.
“Those dark screens, some of them were just that, but some of them were the other founders of  D.R.A.G.O.N. Many are at least semi mythical &/or magical, but more than a few are Mundanes as well. Fred was one of those mundanes. He was sort of a back channel liaison for messages in both directions as well as intelligence. Additionally he served as a sounding board for possible political reaction/repercussions when it came to our planned actions. It was to protect those like Fred, who don’t enjoy our level of protection against…things and people who go bump in the night… that we went dark and underground. It appears that despite this, despite my best endeavors I failed to help Fred. She found him out, she killed him and she wants us, wants me, to know it. At best it’s a warning, at worst its a threat- posted notice of hunting season on those associated with any group intent on stopping her and the liberals agenda.”
“My God, how many people do her and her idiot husband have to kill before someone in Washington takes notice?”
Suddenly Impish very much longed for the cramped confines of the mobile command trailer and to return home to his family before the sun went down and Halloween got started in full swing.
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